Launch of the Army Womens Network

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by stinker, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. In a time of austerity and cuts within military budgets we have this;



    1. Details of the Launch of the Army Women’s Network on 24 Nov 11.


    2. All Regular and TA Commanders and Commanding Officers and G1 branches for dissemination throughout the Chain of Command.


    • Working in partnership with the DM(A) Employment Branch, and with CGS as its patron, the Army Women’s Network aims to provide empathic support to soldiers and the Chain of Command on issues that particularly have an affect upon women serving in the Army.

    • The network is open to both men and women.

    • The network provides an information portal on ArmyNET providing easy access via intranet and internet links to existing policy and information on issues affecting women in the Army.

    • A forum page exists so that personnel, male and female, can openly discuss issues particularly affecting women in the Army and seek support, advice and guidance from others.

    • The network will run a yearly 1 day conference which will include motivational speakers, networking opportunities and facilitation of information distribution and collation of feedback. The inaugural conference is to be held at the Army HQ on 8 Mar 12.

    • Key to the success of the network is the understanding that it is not replacing the role of the Chain of Command, but supporting and enhancing it.

    • Facebook and Twitter sites in support of the Army Women’s Network will also be launched on 24 Nov 11.


    3. The following is to be repeated in Unit Routine Orders:

    The Army Women’s Network, to be launched on 24 Nov 11, aims to provide empathic support to soldiers and the Chain of Command on issues affecting women in the Army. The Army Women’s Network, open to men and women, will achieve this support function via an ArmyNET information portal and forum page as well as an annual conference. Further information can be found at the following internet address:


    4. Women represent a minority group within the Army (8%). This means that it can prove difficult for women in the Army to find other female peers from whom to seek empathic support and advice.
    5. Equally, the Chain of Command or serving soldiers may wish to gain female-specific advice on handling issues or challenges particularly affecting women in the Army but have no readily available point of contact. The Network does not replace the role of the Chain of Command but aims to support it.

    6. Only 4.8% of Army officers in the rank of Lt Col and above are female. This results in a lack of visible senior female role models for women to aspire to. Women in the Army may therefore be less aware of the opportunities available to them. The Army Women’s Network aims to support and promote the role of women in the Army and to enhance the positive image of the Army in support of females in the workplace. The Army Women’s Network does not want to stereotype women, but break some of the stereotyping that occurs and that may lead to misconceptions on the position, role and employment of women in the workplace.

    Glad to see the MoD has its priorities right.
  2. Don't be silly Stinker, everyones the same now..
  3. How else do you think that SO1 (E&D) (Extravagant and Pointless Gestures) is going to get that "Promotion Now" or "2 Up Exceptional" recommend?
  4. Yeah, we have this sort of thing in the Australian Defence Force.......yawn
  5. I was just thinking about the comparison between E&D and EOD. Now (especially EOD people), please bear with me.

    1. They both produce vast amounts of noise, hot air and paperwork.
    2. Senior HQs worry about getting them wrong.
    3. The practitioners insist that it is far too a) important and b) difficult for anybody else to be allowed to play.
    4. It is often tedious and pedantic.
    5. If you get it badly wrong, it blows up in your face - and often those around you too.
    1. EOD is a valuable military trade (well, several trades :) )
    2. There is a difference between combat and bureaucrat HQs.
    3. Despite all of the drivel, we're crap at E&D.
    I'll have missed a few things, in both lists I expect.
  6. Looks like someone's getting an OBE in the New Year!

    As a bloke I intend to join and first item on the agenda must be to change the name as I find it oppressive and sexist. Is there not a very real danger that men migh feel excluded and alienated from the Army Womens Network because of the name?

    I think this point should be made, repeatedly on the Facebook and Twitter page.

    I would also be interested to understand the gender neutralisation strategies that are planned for the conference on 8 Mar 12. The is the very real and distressing danger that men, who I suspect will be in the minority, migh not feel 100% comfortable and therefore I hope that adequate staff time is devoted to workshoping this critical problem, so that appropriate coping stategies can be communicated by specially trained mentors for men who might attend.
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  7. Sounds like one of those 'adult contact' set ups. I might join.
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  8. What a complete crock ...........

    Arent they soldiers who just happen to be women?

    Same as there are police officers who happen to be black?

    Or University students who happen to be Lesbians?

    This is a crock of sh1t, I pray that they dont get a penny from the Defence budget for this nonsense, but I am probably wrong.
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  9. OK...

    When is the launch of the Army Mens Network?
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  10. All very sexist if you ask me, next there will be an army black association.
  11. The obvious question.

    I cant believe that the MoD or the CoC would sanction this nonsense. I dare say Madam Harperson had something to do with this.
  12. Having checked we are not in the NAAFI, I can't see what you lot are griping about. The LGB&T crowd probably represent a smaller and less obvious minority, and I'm willing to bet that they have far more money and effort expended on them. Not only that, but a failure to ensure that women are demonstrably treated fairly could be very costly indeed if an employment tribunal so decides. My only criticism would be that whoever wrote this should check on the usage of effect and affect in the first keypoint.
  13. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I think the reaction on this thread demonstrates exactly why this network is necessary. We don't require a male equivalent because we are a male dominated organisation. We are only too well aware of male specific issues.
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  14. Who this lot? - Networking, Supporting and informing Britain's LGBT Armed Forces

    If financed by the MOD another excellent waste of cash.
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  15. What a load of shit.
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