Launch of the Army Knowledge Exchange (AKX)

Have you had problems finding the tactics or doctrine information you need to do your job better? Would you like to contribute to LF discussion forums moderated by LWC SME's? If so, then read on...........

The Land Warfare Development Group (LWDG) at the Land Warfare Centre (LWC), Warminster has launched the Army Knowledge Exchange (AKX) which is designed to be Land Forces "one-stop shop" for Land knowledge. Developed in direct support to current ops, if you are looking for Land environment information then this is your best place to start. AKX is not just for the Army - it will provide invaluable information for RMs and RAF Regt too and anyone from all 3 services and wider defence interested in the Land operational environment.

AKX is up and running on ArmyNET and incorporates a (small) library of UNCLASSIFIED knowledge and a range of discussion forums including Vital Ground for Majors and SO2s by Majors; these are protected from the prying eyes of the media or others who may not have the Army's best interests at heart. These discussion forums are moderated by subject matter experts from across the Army.

AKX has also just launched on RESTRICTED and is easily accessible from the Defence/Army Intranet home pages (look for the hyperlink) The knowledge base is quickly being populated with Land knowledge and will soon contain a comprehensive library which can be quickly and easily searched (not like the Defence Intranet search mechanism!). We are developing an Afghan iHub which supplies knowledge in direct support to Op Herrick (AMs, AFMs, OOPS, Op Law, C-IED, L2, PORs etc)

AKX will soon prove itself invaluable for those preparing to deploy on ops and for those with knowledge to share following an op tour. AKX on the RLI incorporates a discussion forum open to all ranks. Log on and have a look. We'd love to hear your views and I'm sure you have knowledge worth sharing. AKX is on SECRET too!

If this is going to be a success then we need you to contribute and share your expertise and knowledge. Have a look. Any suggestions gratefully received.

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