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laughing at dole scum

from another web site dole scum apprantly been beasted ah diddums anyone one to offer tea and sympanthy :twisted:
Bastard new deal
Well I supposed to be going to a queer indie/electro/riot grrl night tonight.
I was hoping to have pleanty of stamina and energy for the night.

Instead I was essentially threatened with cancellation of my dole unless I dug two Hawthorn Roots out of the ground in under half an hour, and carried tools and branches up a big hill. I'm fucking knackered, I think i'm getting ill too and they want me to get up at 7:45 tomorrow the bastards.

I was thinking I might even have time to go to thje gym, but I've given my muslces all the excersise they can take for a week. It still hurts

I want a massage, a blowjob, a spliff [even though I've quit] a fat line of ketamine and a good nights sleep.

Chances are I'll be able to sneak in a nice nights rest and still be shit in the morning.

i just wanted to whine at someone. Least I'm not a baby seal being clubbed to death or something...
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Brighton by any chance? Aka skidrow on sea!

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