Laugh Out Loud for Guide Dogs and St. Dunstun's

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by racheyblubird, Jun 6, 2011.

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  1. Charity comedy and music event at Up the Creek in Greenwich, South East London, Wednesday 6 July 2011

    Come along for a giggle and to help raise money for two very deserving causes. Guide Dogs, because I've got one and have experienced first hand just how amazing a job they do giving blind and visually impaired people back their independence. St. Dunstun's, St Dunstan's Homepage - St. Dunstan's because a friend lost his sight completely in Afghanistan when an IED 'went off' last summer and has received help and support in making strides in his now very different reality.

    £20.00 per ticket or £15.00 a ticket if you can muster up a group of ten or more. You'll get a drink and nibbles on arrival, Britain's most averagely successful stand up comparing, three comedians including one special guest still to be announced, and the always excellent Reminisce Reggae band playing live for your dancing pleasure! Plus other fun things to do!

    You'll get to meet at least one Guide Dog, and possibly Guide Dog Puppies in training if they're allowed to stay out!

    PM me to reserve tickets before they go on sale here Up the Creek, Comedy, Comedians, Standup Comedy, Disco, London, corporate functions
  2. An evening bump!
  3. Hi all,

    Tickets fast going! Grab your chance for an evening of comedy, music and feeling good about giving to two fabulous charities.

    Because we want to get rid of the last few and get on with last minute prep we're slashing the price to just a tenner!

    Contact me for more details.

  4. I used to frequent "up the creek" years ago when I lived over that way. A great venue, and usually a cheesy 80s disco afterwards until 0200hrs. There's also a very cheap weatherspoons right next door for those cheap liveners before going in, and a cheeky kebab shop 25 meters away for when you leave.

    I invented (actually Tropper did) the "kebab grenade" whilst on the lash with Blackheath Rugby club, when some fat tart gobbed off at Bomber. It hit her square in the grid. I haden't even eaten any of it, but it was worth it.
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  5. Smudge, if you'd like to pass details onto those still living this way please do!

    I can't promise willing participants of kabab rugby but can promise regae instead of cheesey 80's disco!

    Apologies for crap spelling but I went to craps schools!!
  6. I'll post something on the Blackheath FC social page
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  8. Sunday evening bump!