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Laugh or vomit?



It will never be as good as this version!

Jarrod will be phoning in sick tomorrow - sprained wrist.
It's sort of funny, about as funny as the navy / marines All I want for Christmas and the Way to Amarrilo vids done in Iraq.
All a bit pants but the lads and lasses who are making the vids are having a laugh so good effort to them.
Well, it fucking cheered me up on a crappy Sunday afternoon!


Book Reviewer
Septics are traitors and terrorists. They rebelled against their King and they threw our tea in the sea. I couldn't give a fuck if they have pert tits. If I meet one they are getting a punch up the fucking throat. And they talk funny. That whining horrible speech where they go up on the last cadence? Bunch of badly dressed fucking traitors. I shit 'em.

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