Laugh or cry? You couldnt make it up!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Perevodchik, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. And there was me thinking that Typhoon was about to be deployed in anger.

    It seems that the headline is the literal truth. That should see the Taliban off!!!!

  2. Being non mil, I am reading this right, that is ONE fighter?
  3. Does it cost less to send them individually?
    Can they not put an extra one in the envelope?
  4. Correct, one fighter. Actually one Harrier - ground attack aircraft.

    Conclusive proof, if it were needed, that this government gives commanders in the field all they need or ask for!!!!!!!!
  5. Sending a pilot with it? Or has that go to go befor a new committee? Bombs/bullets/rockets or does this have to pass the risk assesment from the HSE, better be lead free, think of the enviroment.
  6. ...who is looking after Blighty while it's gone?
  7. Will they send out extra ground crew? or is the present ground crew operating inefficiently and actually having a tea break halfway through the day?

    Send another aircraft and make them earn their money!
  8. Oh sh*t, now out digging bunker under shed in back garden!
  9. It's pathetic, we're a member of the Security Council and supposedly a first world military power - while I wouldn't wish further Op Tours on anybody this is what we're reduced to.

    I was reading the other day that the Sovs had something like 500 - 650 helicopters in Afghanistan and about 11 Squadrons of ground attack aircraft plus an army of about 100,000.

    What have we got - about 2 dozen helicopters, a half dozen fast jets and a reinforced BG?

    Well done you politicos for destroying the only organisation that makes Britain proud through your parsimony.
  10. Madness.
  11. These aircraft aren't doing sorties as a sqn, they provide single a/c cover. Fook me, how many Harriers do you want in support of a platoon level op?
  12. ……as many as you can get your hands on I'd suggest - just for once it would be nice to go in mob-handed
  13. None - at least then we're only looking for incoming in one direction.... :roll:
  14. 8O :eek: 8O :eek: 8O :eek: Wow! a whole extra aircraft. Does mong Broon know about it? How are we paying for it? Neu Arbeit's generousity knows no bounds!
  15. At first I thought it was a spoof site... but I just can't find the disclaimer yet. Anyone found it?