Laugh? I dropped 10p

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jack-daniels, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. Just been watching the BBC news with coverage about the 10p tax fiasco. Obviously Liarbor realised they totally ballsed this one up and have decided belatedly to try and give some money back to the needy but the funniest/saddest part of the whole fiasco is that they were trying to make out they were great for giving money back after they'd 'nicked' it in the first place and blame everyone but themselves!
    I would say I'm surprised but I'm not. To be honest I've just given up all hope of anyone decent ever being in Govt. again.

    Incase you wonder what the hell I'm on about!
  2. Ah, but you need to read what Darling said very carefully:

    "The removal of the 10p starting rate of income tax will be legislated for in this year's Finance Bill. There are better ways of achieving the purpose of improving the position of those in poverty and to make sure in every decision we take that we help those on low incomes.

    The main two groups we now want to do more to help are, first, other low paid workers without children, and, second, pensioners under 65. We have been actively looking at two ways to help these groups - direct payments or changes to the tax credit system.

    As I have said, our report and supporting papers will be published in time for the Pre-Budget Report and will focus on the administrative practicalities, costings and speed of implementation.

    For pensioners aged 60-64, whose incomes tend to be more stable, we have put in hand work to see if those households who have lost out from the removal of the 10p starting rate of income tax can be helped through the mechanism that already exists to pay the Winter Fuel Allowance.

    As a sign of the Government's intent, we do not wish to wait unnecessarily until November. Whatever conclusions we come to, all the changes will be backdated to the start of this financial year.

    For other low-paid families currently outside the working tax credit system, while we will examine in our review all practical propositions, our focus is on potential changes to the tax credits system to allow the average losses from the removal of the 10p starting rate of income tax to be offset. "

    So NOTHING WILL HAPPEN UNTIL NOVEMBER. You peasants will all pay the extra tax in the meantime and IF we decide something can be done we will offset the AVERAGE LOSSES and guess who will work that out.

    Got kids? Too bad. You have not suffered any loss because that is what the Tax Credit numbers tell us.

    And although we will hope that our braindead backbenchers and the public will only see the word "Pensioners" and thus will not notice, most Pensioners can continue suffer because we will make adjustments via the Winter Fuel Allowance. Yes, the one that you have to claim and many do not and the one that we are currently tinkering with and will not reveal the new rules until July.

    Also not paid out until just before Christmas oh and by the way what we are doing only applies to pensioners between 60 and 64. Over 65? Tough, because you are calculated not to have suffered either.
  3. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Your missing out on the most important bit. In order to "compensate" those who are being hit, they will need to create and staff an enitre new civil service department, thus creating employment out of thin air. So they will be taking money away from those who can't afford to loose it, but then giving it back via a hideously expensive, inefficient and wasteful mechanism but its jobs for the boys, girls and trans-genders aint it.

    PS. Wonderful finding a forum that makes ME look optimistic occasionally. The only thing that depresses me more than my own cynicism is that it is never enough.
  4. As I posted on the Zanu labour thread, why did Cameron want to scrap the 10p level two years ago and is now speaking SO elequently about keeping it?
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Oh fcuk off Sven, This is Labour's fcuk up. Stop trying to change the subject to something more palatable to you
  6. Sven,

    I'm not sure that DC wants to keep the 10p tax band - he is just revelling in the Scottish Prime Minister of the 'English' Parliament doing yet another U-turn.
  7. To use Labour's favourite quote "It doesn't add up".

    Where exactly is the cash coming from for this, and the £15bn for the banks, and the £50bn for Northern Crock, and the billion promised to Zimbabwe, and the half billion promised yesterday to the World Food Programme?

    Gordon aappears to have been running the presses at the Mint to print gilts like they're toilet paper. Lets hope he's not going to start printing money to pay his debts.
  8. Link
  9. Sven,
    Even you surely can't be siding with the government on this one? Still trying to toe the (tight rope) party line by deflecting the incoming in other directions though. :wink:
  10. My question on this is where is all the sodding cash coming from they seem to be throwing the odd billion around to banks/world food and god only noe's wht why give money to the world food programe we let the UK suffer and help out every one else have I lost the plot or is this country total f////d up.
  11. I think it is an issue that has come out of this debacle.

    If Cameron can change His mind on this, can He be trusted on any position He stands on?
  12. What, so once a politician announces a position of an issue they are never again allowed to change their minds on it, irregardless of any new evidence or advice? Come on Sven you can do better than this whilst trying to avoid the issue and attack the Conservatives.

    As opposed to this whole fiasco where the evidence hasn't changed but has shown for months that it was going to penalise large sections of the less financially well off and yet Brown tried to bluff his way through only to cave in now for party political reasons.
  13. Of course politicians are allowed to change their minds - and in this case it is quite nice that both leaders have done so. However :-

    As You sow . . . . . Cameron accuses Brown of carrying out a u-turn.

    So shall You reap . . . . .Cameron accused of a u-turn.
  14. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    You'll have a link for that of course?

    Whilst I don't disbelieve you, it would be interesting to read it in context. Support your arguments with evidence old chap.