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Laugh at this cunt

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brettarider, Apr 29, 2011.

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  1. Anyone wondering if doing drugs is a smart idea have a look at this peice of shit I went to school with him and he was called rocket ronnie not because he was the fastest at athletics great footballer or pretty much any sport he played but becuase he used to get a lob on in the showers which would mean he'd stand rather embarssed underneath a shower of his own whilst the rest of us would try and get clean under the remaining ones.

    Now Ronnie Cairns was a bit easiley led and always tried to be the smart arse however managed to join up and get a place as an apprentice REME tech at the JLR regt around 1990/91 time. Only to get caught popping pills and given a discharge/SNLR.

    However the cunt started to get into heavier drugs and started petty theft inc we susspect my sisters bag and ands car at some point. The lowelife even got his sister onto smack and she was turning tricks in the local public bogs for £10 a pop to get a bag of junk.

    Still with an crim record as long has his habit and now fucked that other younger junkies are giving him a kicking to take his gear off him.
    |Maybe someone from the Regt might remember him and laugh at the little cunt
    Skelator with skin.

  2. Yeah, way to go....... Why dont you just do the old school thing and slap the cunt to Mars instead of trying to 'out him' on the internet? What are you expecting? A load of fat STABs posting exclamation marks in a harsh font against him?

    You have to ask yourself 'what would Freddie Foreman do?' I doubt he'd just post some tosh on a forum, he'd slash the fucker up with a Stanley then let the pigs eat his entrails.

    Man up, wet pants.
  3. Ive copied your post just to embarrass you, what is your point?
  4. More importantly: Who's the one armed window licker and where is the remainer of his arm?

    BTW: If all your classmates were tossers there is a chance that you might have been a tosser too...
  5. Have you got a picture of her rather than him?
  6. The poor bastard needs help rather then a kick while he is down!
  7. £10 you say? Hmmm... a bit out of my price range but I may be interested.
  8. wanna go 1/2s I'm sure I have a £5er hanging about somewhere
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  9. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    Go on then mate, I will take you up on that but I will go last as I like it wet.

    Bettrarider, I do think you are a bit of a twunt for not only naming the poor guy on here but also posting his picture with an innocent kid. Either man up and sort it yourself or learn to live with being a pussy.
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  10. Funny isn't it, if someone posted a pic on here of a disabled soldier would we laugh, so why should we laugh at this guy he might be a c*nt to you but all I see is someone who is disabled.
  11. not laughing at him just being a dirty perv, same as ever
  12. Raging that squeekingsapper has nipped in here. Would have halved in on the deal. What say we make her airtight for £3.33 each - I'll stump up the extra penny because I'm the stereotypical generous Jock.
  13. its a deal
  14. Maybe I should be arssed to get the point before I make my point, get it now Cheers.
  15. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    Count me in, but I still bags last.

    Plus I do not want to stretch it out of context for you other poor sods.