laugh and you go to HELL!!!!!


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I'll have the one in the chair. Saves on rope.
Datumhead, whatever were you searching for when you came across that ? PS...... put me down for a 'Hell'.
Won't be needing a warm coat then!
At first glance I thought someone had posted a video of an end of course pish up I was at a couple of years ago.

Check out the host with the mic. Just how do you get jobs like that? You never see them advertised do you. Lucky bsatard! See you guys in hell
Keep me a seat down below, guys.....

Got to be honest, half of them can dance better than me though and even a genetic fcuk up like me may even stand a chance of pulling in this club....where is it?
I didn't laugh....

Is it me or are they better dancers than most squadies?
I'v been to that place....cleanest windows in town.

Took 'em three hours to mop the floor after closing though...ankle deep in drool I tells ya......
hmmmm...i fear my spot on Beelzebub's knee is being warmed up as i type! Do they have Magners down there,does anyone know??

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