Latvian xenophobes hate "British pigs"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Aug 6, 2009.

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  2. But I bet they love you guys... :roll:
  3. "English pigs", a "dirty, hoggish people"
    nice to see the scots welsh and irish have been behaving themselves, acting with decorum and efficiently lying about where they come from
  4. He can go and feck himself.

    Nobody cares - the hen and stag parties will still go there until they price themselves out of the market e.g. Prague, Dublin etc and then it'll be off to somewhere else - Belgrade maybe or Kiev. Smashing tottie in both!

    Edited to add - the attendees of these musical soirees couldn't find Latvia on a map and couldn't really give a sh1te about the Latvians. They are on the p1ss!
  5. Btw, the mayor of Riga (newly elected) is Nil Ushakov (BBC distorted his surname). He is ethnically Russian.
  6. That's a bit harsh. Latvians are nice people, and they've got a nice bit of real estate, which I'm sure the Russians will testify to as they oppressed and occupied the place for 50 years. :roll:
  7. Was there for a stag weekend recently, had a brilliant time. They do fcuking hate us though, although it seems to be more the Brits abroad stereotype than anything else.

    On the morning we left the hotel staff apologised to us for being rude. They stated that they were under the impression all British tourists were loud obnoxious troublemakers and that they were sorry for being rude to us during our stay. I thought they were fine to be honest, certainly no worse than any other hotel I've stayed in.

    The Finnish group we bumped into several times were acting bigger cnuts than we ever could have.

    Edited to add - the police presence in old Riga is huge, there were no bouncers in any of the pubs/clubs we were in, just cops on every street corner who stuck their heads in from time to time.
  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I think if a bunch of drunken Latvians decided to pi$$ on the Centotaph, being called a pig would be the least of their problems - still would not qualify us as xenophobes though.
    If its that big a problem why don't they park a police car in the square?
  9. Or a public urinal...
  10. Sounds like the Latvians have discovered that some party destinations are for being obnoxious in and that they're currently flavour of the week. Double or triple the prices of everything and we'll be alright ;)

    edited: to add (Wiki) Latvian war of independence 1918 1920. That is the first I've (as a UK civvy) ever heard of it. You'd have thought that they ( random drunks ) would work out what a memorial is and show some respect but as they can't work out what ours are for I suspect you're going to have your work cut out. :oops:
  11. Cop cars drive past it every few minutes, and there are any number of bars in the area, all with toilet facilities. Youd have to be terminally stupid or trying to get lifted to piss on that war memorial. Then again some people are just cnuts.
  12. TBH, given the british propensity for stag party drinking and shenanigans, i'm not at all suprised about the comments in the article. All it takes is a few utter morons on an easyjet flight to a foreign country, give them a few beers and terry and jerry from the local start trashing the place. However they could have it worse, investment bankers could go drinking there.
  13. We didn't build the largest empire the world has ever seen by respecting johnny foreiner did we? :wink:

    And as a second, I suppose anti-social behavior is a massive problem compared to the vast horde of eastern european criminals we have in our country now, committing anything from tax evasion to murder, perhaps the mayor would prefer it if english people went and behaved like that instead of being a bit laddish. He really needs to dry his eyes.
  14. What right does this gentleman have to refer to British people as "English Pigs "
    May be their are some people with in the u.k. who act disgraceful and they should be made accountable for their actions but when people from other countries are disrespecting our country this is totally disgraceful
  15. Would you say the same about people 'being a bit laddish' by pissing on British war memorials?

    Anyway, I'm confused. Am I supposed to be outraged by the 'xenophobia'? I find myself in agreement with Comrade Seglins. Does that make me xenophobic? Should I burn a cross on my lawn and throw bricks through my window?