I am going at the end of summer

trip is booked- me and a few others who were in basic together

old farts on a jolly

I would be really interested to hear about wheres good and wheres dirty etc
Wassup Hedgie, barred from all of Temple Bar are ye? :)
flamingo said:
Wassup Hedgie, barred from all of Temple Bar are ye? :)

Templebar is grand if you want to pork a lady from Liverpool or Birmingham

but I think its only fair to the ladies in the rest of Europe to let them sample

If you want to sample eastern Europe ladies, go to Drogheda... :twisted:
Guzz - been told the beer/brandy (but not together!!!) is awesome and that you need to find Magdelana and Olga in the main square of the old town in Riga...they'll see you right!!! :)

....don't blame me...I know nothing!!!!


I've been to Riga a few times. It's ok. Full of embarassing brits on stag does though. Prices are ok, every bar/club has a seperate smoking area also.
Stay in the New town area,not the old town as you will waste money getting taxis into new town where all the bars/clubs are.

Be ready to haggle for taxi journeys as they will defo up the price on hearing your accent.

Stay in one of the hostels, i was sceptical (visions of being chopped up in the night etc) and stayed in a hotel but some lads we met on the piss stayed in a hostel just round the corner from the local English pub and said the rooms were bang on and they were walking distance from the pubs so wasted no cash on taxis.

Be wary of the meatheads at the whorehouses, the usual tricks of escorting blokes to cashpoints to empty their banks and/or filling them in is a common occurance and most are armed so not people to fuck about with, usual sops with whorehouses dont take your eyes off your wallet and know where the door is,basics really.

Same goes for the bouncers at the clubs the British pissed up bloke doesnt cut much mustard, some can be armed and they will give you a proper kicking or worse without batting an eyelid.

Carefull when asking advice from fit bar staff, was warned off by the birds in the English pub (good place to start) that some bar staff will recommend places to go at night where dodgy things will happen to you should you go (read above)

Beer prices are fine i found, certainly no worse then England and i can honestly say that in some places the best looking chick in a local towns nightclub in England would be buckshee fanny in Riga, proper stunning birds who are friendly and not stuck up at all.

Despite all the warnings above I had a mega time, no dramas at all despite on a post-tour piss up and would definetly go again, I highly recommend Essentials Nightclub, not sure what time it closes but i left at 05:30 and the bird in our hotel bar was heading there for a drink when her shift finished at 07:00 :D , hope this helps.
I'm with CTC on this one. Went there for a Stag do and wish I hadn't bothered.

Plane out there was a sausagefest with not a sniff of cute snatch flying back to the motherland. The women out there are gorgeous, but are pissed off with the Brits and the Butt Ugly locals.

Beer is bloody expensive, even the local diesel. The pence per pint bullshit may exist out there, but its out in the middle of nowhere, so what fcuking use is that?

Place is full of Russians looking to kick off with the numerous Brit on Tour. They don't get disappointed. They're 'in' with the Law as well so don't be surprised when the ex-spetnatz-looking-type doorman nicks your change as his 'tip', you remonstrate and the law gives you a precautionary belting. We found out the next day talking to our Hotel Barman that all the Doormen are tooled up (bang bangs as well), so we got away lightly.

From memory theres 2 strip joints, we went in one and took out a second mortgage to see a bit of Iron Curtain Clunge. Lovely looking girls, just all miserable as fcuk.

If you're a sadist and just have to go, the best bar (IMO) there is the Skybar - its on top of a Hotel and looks out over the city.

Plenty of massage places to go to - I 'hear' from the lads who went in that they offer up a happy ending no dramas.

The film Hostel describes this place to a tee..
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