Latvia to use the Euro what could go wrong ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jarrod248, Jun 5, 2013.

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  1. This can only go well.
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  2. Means I wont have to change my money when my mate has his Latvian stripper bus stag-do next year.
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  3. Mmmmhhh...BBB rating......2 million fuckwits......having enjoyed a credit fed boom during the last decade of cheap euro bank based loans......I sense a shadow on the surface of the Wah with these fuckers!

    Never mind all that though, their chicks are absolutely marvelous in bed!
  4. It's going to end in tears and HIV, the filthy pauper cunts.
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  5. Its ok. When they're all broke and in debt, they can always come to open-door UK and enjoy a comfortable life at the expense of the few remaining tax payers...
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  6. Dirty thieving inter-breeding mutant Chernobyl-victim Slaviks!

    Should fit in well in Gt. Yarmouth
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  7. Country is practically fucked anyway, nearly all the kids have left.
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  8. Speaking as someone who lives in Latvia for at least half the year it will be a disaster. Inflation will take off and there could be very serious civil unrest.
  9. Remember the riot outside the Finance Ministry?
  10. And for us Brits, (leaving aside the positive that is desperate to please Latvian whores rolling up at Dover by the coach load), Latvia going even further down the shitter is of how much interest to us because...?
  11. They can't ALL be dirty?
  12. Aye, they're all here on Heroin or Methadone.

  13. Well it puts petrol in the Merc, J? wink
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  14. Fair comment, the Lithuanians are the same.