Latvia shows New Labour the way!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Dec 7, 2008.

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  2. Now that's something that would prove hugely popular in the UK, I'm sure. :D

  3. About time too. Having followed the stockmarket and currency exchanges for a wee while now, the whole system seems to be based on rumours and untruths, any little blimp in the calendar seems to force up the price of oil.
    Few years back the king of Saudi Arabia died, the price of oil shot up, was there any instability to cause this? Short answer, No, he had been incapacitated for many years and his brother had been at the helm all that time, so no change, just the price of oil shot up.
    same with the commodities market, we get fed the bull, the Chinese are buying everything, forcing the prices up, we couldn't buy steel or copper, why, the Chinese, strange when they are laying people off in the steel mills.
    Same with the credit crisis, they would like us to believe ti is people defaulting on their house payments, it is a bit hard to swallow, when they are talking in sums of hundereds of billions, somehow I don't think so.
    Dodgy deals to major corporation and no collateral to back it up more likely to be the cause.
    Might have the Latvian police on my case now.
  4. Frankly, is there any real difference between the way this government and their wholly 'right on' political police farces across the country and the way the Latvians approach things? No, I thought not.

    For years we used to say: "Who really won the War", now I reckon we can start shouting: "Who really won the Cold War".

    My belief that it is the embedded Marxist-Leninists who have infiltrated every aspect of public life under the cloak of the grinning spiv Bliar's so called 'New Labour'.

    'Twas 'new' alright it was communist!