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Latvia and Rail travel


Kit Reviewer
No but when I tipped up to the Train Station in Riga to get to Tallinn they said every other day. The Babushka that sold me the ticket neglected to mention this. It was a long time a go but I found the buses pretty good moving round the Baltics, And I usually avoid Scum Shuttles like the plague. Whereas the Trains are kept as Living Museums to how ******* awful Communism was. Hot Estonian border guard was the highlight of the trip.

Czech Trains are mega, I suspect the best bet is to go into Germany from there use a German Train into Poland. You doing Belarus or Kalingrad?
Go to Hendon or Slough if you call that a highlight.

Hot Eastern bloc border guard chicks are a sight to behold though. One on Italian/Yugo border will always be in my memory...midnight, torrential rain storm, check point, her in full uniform with huge cap with blonde hair flowing out and two male guards loving her being there, piles of beer cans, sub machine guns, war over the border......mental... may have been a hooker of course, looked like one, but i wouldnt want to offend any feminists or experts in equal-rights-border-guard-recruitment.
Am sure it was very good event.
Well i was born in Mayday Hospital down the road on May Day so I cant take the piss. Quite an ugly building though. Some much nicer architecture in places around the city.

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