Latin Mottoes

I am a member of an exclusive club, (not the mongs), and we're looking for an exciting, dynamic motto in Latin which describes what we're about....We plan to get it on our 'unit' t-shirts if possible......

Ideas so far, (in english....) are :

On the bus, off the bus....

From order comes chaos....

There's only one um.....

Tomorrows Army - Yesterdays Equipment - Today....

Any other ideas?

Offensive could also be good, as its being translated into latin.....


Someone completely different, mate. I did 87 to 96.
This other bloke was he also a fat bald heavily tattooed nobber who was hung like a philipino goldfish like me?
brewmeister said:
Semper in excrementum sed fundum mutate.

(Always in the sh1t but the depth varies)
Blimey - we had that on our Troop sweatsirts in 1975. although I think it was more like Semper in excrementum profundas variat

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