Latest wheeze for changes to TA recruit selection process

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Feb 17, 2010.

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  1. Had an interesting chat about the mooted changes to the one day, one night selection process. Seems that units will now have to send one DS per visit, which will be for one day only. They then drive back to units, presumably having chaperoned their bods for the day. Next day, drive to the selection centre, same drills.

    This throws up a couple of queries.

    Given the current process involves dropping off and picking up only, where will the MTDs come from? Will the babysitters have to stay at TACs? Or will they be expected to go home?

    Will units who are allegedly soooo pushed for Juniors that they cannot spare any to actually train their blokes not be able to send babysitters and so not send any guys to the selection process?

    Has anyone else thought this is just a way of pushing MTD cost back to sub units?
  2. this was the case i belive at a rtc in the north west. however baby sitters didnt go back to tac,s they had to stag on in the eve. rtc,s wanted to use the transport of shaparones.... argument, whos account did fuel come from? mtd,s.... your own units problem, and a burden to those who got told to go, you didnt get extra days............. rtc,s cost effective??????????
  3. RTC system is falling apart in my area, now being given 2 or 3 places per every 3 month TSC intake. Obviously more than one person a month turns up in my TA centre wanting to join.

    How long do they expect people who want to join the TA to wait around for training to start ?

    We have also had the "you must send a minibus and driver which we will use all weekend, but on your MTDs and hire budget" drill. If we are only being given three places I think we should send a Corsa and driver :)
  4. less than 3 going, car .. less than 9 going , pep carrier or cobi van..... 9 or more gng.. mini bus if we can get a dvr ....... o, and p.s ,if mini bus gng and not fitted with luggage cadge, second veh to carry kit,h&s, emer exits not to be obstructed........... value for money???????????????
  5. and lets not forget , under 18 rule, male and females...... second shaporone, female mem of staff. segregation from adults.
  6. and members of staff must crb checked, i do hope all units are following the correct procedure as we do at the unit i serve..............

    hands up , be honest ,............
  7. silence isnt always golden...............
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Does your keyboard have lots of keys missing but other punctuation ones stuck?

    Try typing in something resembling English and people may actually be bothered to respond to your posts.
  9. The_Duke

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    We try and support TARS as best we can, with at least one escorting staff and PTI cover when they request (and where we can support).

    The "there and back" bit of it is a real pain, and will definately cause us a few admin dramas. It will be even more of a problem for those who have greater distances to travel.
  10. You are lucky, Your Grace, in that you are pretty fully manned - as are my wee gang, as I think you know.

    Its getting close to a tipping point with units that already cap / bar NCOs from attending RTC, let alone those who are (ahem) too fully employed, or maybe just plain too important to train their own blokes. ( Note that I have made no mention of the RMP or MI. )

    Red Square - can you come back when you have less time, please?
  11. bravo ??????

    i am trying to highlite some of the problems that we have had.time,money, mtd,s or should i say lack of them all
  12. BB is talking about selection centres and not RTCs I thought, RTCs are completely diffferent. The keywords being Selection & Training.
  13. In my battalion we are limited to 5 prospective recruits per selection wknd from each company. in my case i am a member of a platooon detachment with a different capbadge from the battalion we are attached to. we are struggling to get any of our guys through the present system.

    each selection weekend is 3 months apart so we are losing a lot of potential recruits who cant be arsed waiting for up to 6 months just to get to the selection phase.

    along with the same old problem with guys who are waiting for months for their former service documents. why does it take so bloody long to sort out? ive had 4 or 5 waiting since august 09 and still nothing. this system or lack of it must change. we're losing a lot of quality, trained and experienced bods because of the fckabout factor.

    medicals are now organised at brigade level as is selection which again takes time to arrange and book people on them.with the strict limitations on numbers coming from each company very few recruits are coming through phase 1.

    this present system stinks and needs to change. i just dont understand what is going on and why these changes have been implemented. they certainly havent improved any aspect of recruiting or training that i can see. i know just from my own experiences that it has lost us a hell of a lot of potential recruits.

    is this the same everywhere or can it just be limited to the northwest and/or my own unit?
  14. Fus 50,

    Same in South West.

    What annoys me is that as a result of various Feckups in regular phase 1 training over the years and loads of inquiries it was decided the TA units were not to be trusted to train their own recruits up to the very basic level of going off to do the 2 weeks. There was never a major TA phase 1 scandal, the system wasnt broken, and was only fixed as part of a misguided "one army" approach.

    The current system was supposed to mean economies of scale by gathering many units to form bigger cadres, to some extent this works, but he overall throughput per year from RTCs capped at circa 40 per TSC(A) course is less than it used to be from all the unit TAFFS/A-D weekends which could expand and contract as required to handle however many recruits the units had..

    Our regiment regularly started out a cycle with 25 on a first recruit weekend in the busy periods after new year, now we get just 4 or 5 places on each cycle at the RTC.

    Since the 2 weeks will always remain the final application of a common standard, checked by regulars, I dont see why everything before that point has to be absolutely rigidly controlled and identical between units.
  15. Fellas, welcome to the one army concept you are now living the dream.

    Reg Recruit " I want to join the army"
    Recruiter "Great should be able to get you started in 9 months"

    TA Recruit " I want to join the army"
    Recruiter "Great should be able to get you started in 9 months"