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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hornepils, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. "I, the undersigned, Joey Deacon do hereby wish to ban motorcycles"...
    Own up - which of you silly f'ers needs to buy me a new keyboard?
  2. Thank you for this thread. I just scrolled through the rejected petitions pages and p1ssed myself. I was inspired to petition the government to ban fat birds in nightclubs after 2 am, under the name Dick Puller, Salvation Army, Falkland Islands.
  3. Ban fat birds after 2am?! Im sorry but i could never sign or subscribe to such a disgraceful notion! Imagine the backlash when about 80% of the female members of Arrse find out! :dead:
  4. On the other hand, a certain very well-known and important petition is still growing despite victory already being achieved. As of a few minutes ago it was just 35 short of reaching 50,000.
  5. Being 100 % serious,its these stupid petitions that ruin worthy ones.

    No wonder the PM doesnt seem to help, when flooded with stupid petitions like the banning of motorbikes.Hers what it says:

    If motorcycles were invented now, no sane government would allow them to be used. Unprotected bodies, travelling at legal speeds up to 70mph, on a 2-wheeled vehicle which can be upset by a wet manhole - any official would reject this idea out of hand. The only reason we allow motorcycles is that they have been around for more than a century and we have all got used to them.

    Motorbikes are dangerous to all road users, are frequently driven recklessly, and cause a disproportionate number of deaths and serious injuries. Their removal would benefit averyone.

    Drive on twat..!!!...
  6. Signed :D
  8. 1 of my favourite signatories in the list:

    your Mum bummed you with a cactus :D
  9. I've no idea how long this petition lark has been around... having not been on the isle for a while...

    Great idea... but not quite thought through...

    So here's my petition...

    Stop wasting money and close the petition site.
  10. "I s*** on your missus and she loved it" was my favorite. Genius.
  11. Quite a lot of vitriol flowing...
  12. The only bit I agree with is that if the M/C was invented now, the 'Elf n Safety jobsworth empire would probably get it banned as too dangerous for use.
  13. I think the road petition about charges ruined the whole purpose of the petitions anyway. 2 million people signed it, and yet 2 million people got an email from Tony saying it was 'I understand what you are saying BUT...' and the petition was worthless, never did anything. Since then it is hard to take seriously any action that will come from petitions.