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Discussion in 'ARRSEpedia' started by abacus, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. We got hit again with a large volume spammer in the early hours of this morning. At least 50 pages worth of crappy mortgage links.

    Big problem this time is that the spammer wrote over the original text so in the absence of a MOD all I was able to do was delete the spam entries rather than revert as I know the MODs can:

    Some of them are easy to cut and paste simple text but there are others with img links and fancy formatting that it would take most of the rest of today if I was to attempt it seeing as I'm not a MOD :cry: Now I know how d'Artagnan must have felt when the Musketeers needed bailed out ;)

    So could the MODs please do what they can over the next day or so (and maybe start with my own page please) and could everyone else please check your own page - if you amend it yourself you will save the MODs a bit of effort and, trust me on this one, when the spammers attack ARRSEPedia is a lot of effort.


  2. Jesus Christ. Look at the damage he's done.

    Good spot by the way. The Mod's will have a fun time repairing this one.
  3. Am I wrong or is the "revert" functionality no longer available to mortal users?

  4. I thought this was going to be another thread about Pakistan.
  5. Hehehe - when the ARRSEPedia gets back to normal I shall put that in the Line Book ;)
  6. Immortality! Which is nice.
  7. ^It's there (here actually Link) What you need to do now is click on your own link and create your own page. :D
  8. @ ARRSEPedia MODs

    Thanks guys, much appreciated. Plus point - more people logging in to check the wiki now.
  9. Thought you might like to know there seems to be a rather large amount of spam, unless I've entirely missed the point.
  10. Well spotted Rowums - well captured those who cleaned it up.
  11. Guys,

    Thanks for the help in cleaning up all the spam, however, please be careful that you don't delete legitimate content aswell (I'm looking at you SFD).
    If the last entry was the spammer, it's easy to rollback the changes.
    If the last entry was one of you guys, deleting EVERYTHING (including the original content), it becomes more time consuming.


  12. BFG - there was a spam attack a few months back where the culprit overwrote all the original text with the spam links meaning that we could clear the links out but had to wait for one of the MODs to reinstate the pages. Is it possible that's what happened here?

    Would it be worthwhile just creating a "Notification of Spam Attack" page where regular non-MOD visitors such as self, rowums, st2b, mangonel, etc could notify spam attacks for a MOD's attention? Or is in here good enough? Or should we just keep going with the way we patrol the site?

    More than happy to go with whatever suits the wiki MODs best.
  13. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    :oops: Sorry mate. Thought I'd just deleted the spam links. Will be more careful next time.
  14. Or even extending wiki mod powers to more people (myself not included, obviously)?
  15. In short - No.

    If this happens, you can view the 'DIFF' link & you'll see the original content on the left & the changes made by the spammer on the right.
    It's fairly easy to copy & paste from this, however, it may be easier for you to just post a note in here or PM someone listed here.

    No worries mate. Not a problem.