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Why would anyone paint a buoy black? Aren't they meant to be seen at sea?
I can only find a mention of it being a marker for one side of a defined channel.


Let’s see them have a go with this one
Black Buoy Pub Wivenhoe
Quite a few pubs called this, one near where I used to live. I suspect those still open have either changed their name or the sign.



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Even cam cream is woke now

I feel really sorry (in a way) for Sarah Woolley having to keep pushing her own thread.

Still, Woolley by name and Woolley by nature I suppose.
First Minister will be pleased, Scottish Ballet is doing an "inclusive" version of the Nutcracker as part of their driv e against racism.

Scottish Ballet revises The Nutcracker to address racism

Features include, letting the Chinese dancers wear flat shoes and ditching their Manchu ponytails, changing the arabian costume, and (shock horror) have the magician character played on alternating nights by a male and a female.

Well whoop de doo.....
I used to date a very lovely former ballerina - she was of Asian descent so has a tendency to ‘tan’ a lot darker than an NW European would.

Upon her return from a holiday in the sun she was due to dance in the corps for Swan Lake. This called for the application of large amounts of make-up. Part of me wants that sort of thing to become a thing of the past - but I am also aware that she was dancing as a ‘white’ swan, so…

If ever they do a ballet of Othello then Carlos Acosta might be a shoe-in - but there are other roles for which he would not be perfect. In the same way that I would no longer expect a white dancer for that role.

(Fun fact - when the black swan is dancing it is the prima ballerina, after she has been dancing the parts of the white swan earlier - the dancer doing the part of the white swan at that point is a member of the corps).


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You have to wonder and the sheer f*ckwittery of these people...

Hailey Bachrach seems to be one of those people who go around looking for something to complain about.

On the other hand I very much doubt if she has either acted in a Shakespeare play or has even read one of Shakespeare's plays.
You have to wonder and the sheer f*ckwittery of these people...

In this instance, it is nothing new.
This ponce actually became a word - Bowldlerise.

However, he missed this gem, from Twelfth Night.

By my life, this is my lady’s hand these be her very C’s, her U’s and her T’s and thus makes she her great P’s. It is, in contempt of question, her hand.


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Have to ask, why?
They play basket ball; if they are good enough, why not just compete in a general league(?)
I think it's quite divisive.
(Can a straight person apply to join I wonder.)
Agreed - it seems pointless - there is nothing to prevent them playing in any ( male) league

That they exist has no impact - local team borne of like minded individuals - who in this cas happen to be gay.

I do support the creation of a trans league though - If only to protect womens sport
Something I found out the other day was that ‘Married with Children’ was commissioned as being the direct opposite of the Cosby show.

In that it starred a white guy not sexually abusing female members of the cast - or have I taken the direct opposite a bit to literally
They were on about this earlier on LBC this morning. One caller rang in to say he ran a pub called the Black Boy, in Oxfordshire. He said that it came from an old story about a slave who ran away from a farm, and the pub owner had hid him from his pursuers. He mentioned that a group of American servicemen from a nearby base called in and asked about the name. They ended up being regular customers during their posting there.
We never really had black slavery in the UK did he say if the story was from abroad?
We were in Barbados on Christmas day, one year, sat on a beach, when a jet ski turned up to take "Santa" up to a big all- inclusive resort a little farther up the coast.

Santa was a black local....... they made the poor sod put on a pair of pink washing- up gloves...... JEEZ.

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