Latest snowflake outrage

No accident, Humphries knew exactly what he was doing...

Great bit of straight face from Mr Humphreys.

However, not being in the UK for a while, I assume it was the ITV morning programme. Who on earth was the cackling lump in the middle?
I can't wait until black activists restart segregation in the US, it will be funny watching this black America turning into the Congo.

Chicago, San Francisco and New York have probably done so already.
My thoughts exactly. She reminded me of a morbidly obese version of Tarzen's companion from the 1960s tv series.

But at least it wasn’t a completely put on, affected laugh of hers. No siree Bob.

No, totally genuine from the munter who probably didn’t know who he was until briefed by some flunkey in the production team.

Such talent.

Going by what this video showed, there needs to be a sustained pushback against communism in the USA. And, make no mistake the hidden forces behind this are communists. The Marxist BLM for one.

Like the British Labour Party, it appears the Democrats have been more than infiltrated by the communists.

The Bay area in San Fran is probably the cradle of communism in America.
I wouldn't normally post links from the Daily Mail, but this is an unusually good bit of journalism. The quiet revolution is well underway in the UK:

Wokest head leaving after parents said pupils are indoctrinated

I actually can't believe how carefully written this is for the Mail. They must have given the interns the day off. Or more likely, it has been through serious legal review.

The march through the institutions. The first to fall was the education sector. Communism is now rife in all areas of education in Britain.
I'll bet he doesn't drink water too..!

Yeah I bet he would probably try stealing our precious bodily fluids as well if he could.