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Aaaaaaaand when clicking on the link:

Shake, Squeeze, and Squirt sounds like a TV programme. Or a girl band. I wonder how they feel about the workings of a four stroke internal combustion engine? Suck, squeeze, bang, blow...

Would make a great name for a female punk band

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My uncle's wife was the same - until he put his foot down, now they have camera's everywhere and a video doorbell so can see who's at the door. They also withdrew implied right of access to these people and threatened them with legal action if they turn up their house.

And what are you going to do when someone ignores the sign and tresspases on your property ?

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When I viewed it one of the related articles as "how to remove ketchup stains" with a picture of a young ladsy in a blue dress and a line of ketchup under her chin.

I think you’ve just inadvertently created a new gender, as if if there aren’t enough already.

….Or have you been watching too many John Lewis adverts?
I think that's been an issue in some places for a while - I remember years back reading about a woman that sued a company in the US for sexism after a bloke commented on her looking nice, or something - she won a hefty payout. She then sued the same company again for a type of discrimination after none of the blokes would talk to her for fear of being sued - she won again.

This was ages ago, so that genie has been out of the bottle for a while now.

I take the opposite view, and have the luxury of not needing anyone's blessing to be financially secure, employed etc... My view being I now simply don't care what 'you' think, by all means, be extremely offended, it matters not one jot to me, it's your issue, not mine, I'm not upset that you're offended, you are. If I really wanted to upset you, you'd know about it... I'm a conscientious person by heart and my natural default position is to be courteous, polite and well mannered as is most people's.

Most people...

And herein lies the problem.

This forum is made up of hundreds of threads, with thousands of posts discussing topics that are always driven by the actions or pandering to minorities, often extreme minorities, only a few percent of the population - the whole process of Government and Management is completely on its head. The inmates are running the asylum.

The disagree is because the inmates aren't running the asylum, they are trying to destroy it. And we are letting them.

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