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I confused 1984 with Animal Farm, I put a chapter number and page number down. I changed that to saying that it was the old Major's dying words but it was not what he said when dying, so I went up stairs and got the book, checked it and found that was wrong so changed it again to my final reply which you see now.

If anything I'm guilty of confusing the two books. If you see something nefarious in that, I don't know what to tell you.
It was purely a lighthearted comment, not a judgement. A response to an irresistible opening. Humour, nothing else.
If he was a PROPER communist he wouldn't have so many bookcases, and would have donated all his books, except for Manifesto, to the local peoples' collective.
That is not a joke.
When the Ribbentrop Molotov was signed in 1938 he saw what it meant and disagreed with it.
One of the first things he taught me before I started school was how to make a Knuckle duster out of a rolled up paper and 3 pennies.
XLR discussions never have been polite.
He also wouldn't have a word said against the US as he out in the Far East to take part in the invasion of Japan, as as he was concerned those 2 bombs saved his life.
It seems that some of The Melts in that Murrca have got themselves into a bit of a tizz over the rum doings of a slack handful of Hollywood 'B' listers:

Priyanka Chopra (the Hindu actress with a phat ass to rival Priti Patel) was the first to think 'Uh oh: maybe not such a grand idea,' and bail so as to get her mea culpa in first.

The circle jerk of woke emoting is a joy to witness.


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Discovered a few weeks ago that Tim Martin played 1st XV second row at school with a fellow who is now the Northern Ireland representative on the Court of Appeal – rather different career paths!
Tim Martin is a qualified barrister, just never went into practise.


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Looks like the chap at Cerne Abbas has got his prehistoric wish to identify as something in between at long last?

Which is nobody's fault, not even the Romans'...

Although according to Ed Davey (who he?), it's all down to Boris nowadays:.

The trouble is the free speech is drowned out by the self entitlement of those that need to have the debate, basically if you disagree even one iota you are accused of a hate crime...therefore free speech does not exist as it is hateful to have free speech and an opinion.
So nobody has told him it is because he is just a knob then?
I have to wonder whether this 'protection' is at his own behest or because of police advice.
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