Latest snowflake outrage

Your missus is only 13 years old?
Do you want pics . . . . for a mate?

Edited to add pic.


That's my Google search history knackered.
A man, who used to be a woman, is complaining that s/he doesn't get contacted to have a cervical smear test.

Is it just me, but doesn't this just prove that no matter what you identify as, no matter what surgery you get, underneath it all you're still whatever you were born with. It's like owning a kit car that looks like a Ferrari, it's still a Cortina that looks vaguely like a Ferrari.

BBC This is not news, how much did this article cost the fools, like me , that pay you?
I understand that Rashford is not only the high priest of school meals but now helps provide every child with a book though it's a real shame the youngsters can't read.
There is no end to this man's communist aims and must be because he intends to be a Labour MP.
I would like to apologise for the recent pun outbreak. ;)

And I'm bloody annoyed I couldn't come up with one to add here. :mad:
Ram it.


Yeah, it seems that that purty ewe has fleeced a lot of the users here.
Hands off, she's spoken for.
I had her mother.

Very nice in a stew with dumplings, carrots, and other assorted veg.

A couple of slices of bread to wipe the gravy up off the plate.

Washed down with a mug of tea or two.

Sticky toffee pud & ice cream for afters.

Us farming folk know how to live the high life.

What we did to her prior to slaughter is our business.

What happens on the farm stays on the farm.