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War Hero
I empathise with Smurfs
I’ll just leave this here...

O Zangado

War Hero
That and/or the nice old white gentleman is accused of being a paedophile who gets done by the plod and sent down. While the Dad, who is a PoC played by some random supposedly famous Rap artist like Stormzy and heavily involved in drug scene, gets released 'cos Cherie Blair (in a cameo appearance) gets him off due to white police corruption/bias/well anything that suits modern wokeism!!
It will be like virtually all modern remakes of old classics, a load of absolute crap!!
I'm so awfully sorry. I'm a bit old, you see, and I keep on getting confused between a PoC and POS.

I wonder why the huge outpouring of grief and rage for a woman murdered in leafy London suburbia hasn't been replicated for a murdered PCSO in rural Kent?

Choux Bun

Which one of the children will be of colour, if not all of them?
So long as they are genuine and not just blacked up with soot from the trains - that wouldn't be acceptable - might be funny though. The innocence of youth (or should it be yoof, innit)!!

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