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Latest snowflake outrage


War Hero

'Black' Friday.
I'm offended! As a minority ethnic I demand rioting and looting!
From the BBC:

Bristol rave: Injuries 'caused by police dog' investigated
At the time the force said officers were pelted with missiles when they moved in to disperse the crowd.

In an interview with the Independent newspaper, 28 year-old Jessica Mae Andrew said the dog attacked as police closed down the event on 31 October.

Meanwhile, in the Grauniad:
A police force is investigating the conduct of its officers after a woman was left with life-changing injuries after she was mauled by a police dog at an illegal rave on the outskirts of Bristol.

Note the emotive "mauled"

And further:
“I know partying is not the thing to do during a pandemic but it was beautiful until the dog attacked me,” Andrew told the Guardian.

Yes, you clueless pillock, if you hadn't been at an illegal rave where police had had missiles including bottles and rocks thrown at them, you would likely not have been bitten.

I'm willing to chip in for some doggy treats for the land shark.
A while back someone senior spotted a name that didn’t have a statement attached. Statement was requested without them realising the name was the Police Dog. They got this!
And the stansted-do-Gooders that broke into the flight line to disrupt the Flight taking back deported crims are appealing against their own conviction.

Hasten to add one of the passenger (or probably more ) on the manifest are a convicted murderer.

Also if anyone remembers this case of victim traumatised after seeing her attacker escorted off plane thanks to passengers On board (naively) stopping flight as thought said crim was being sent to his death in his native land.

As it happens an old ,friend Of mine( I do not share her views of politics and has decided to class herself as gender fluid) put this story on FB citing history shall judge the Passengers as doing the right thing at the time. I could not be assed to argue or put comments on her page as it’s her page and just skipped to the next story. funnily she’s volunteered twice at Calais as part of local charity to help out st the camps and interesting stories. Keep politics out of friendship as she may not agree with my Ronnie Reagan / Rambo approach lol And we get on like a house on fire.



War Hero
A while back someone senior spotted a name that didn’t have a statement attached. Statement was requested without them realising the name was the Police Dog. They got this!View attachment 523009
I recall that one at the time.

it was CPS required the statement as you outline above, various phone calls explaining PD Peach was Police Dog Peach, not interested. send statement
handler drafted dogs statement

total sense of humour failure at CPS and demands for a stern talking to.

don’t thing the talking to was delivered though.

Gabion Groyne

Oh diddums,

Poor little kiddiwinks are nervous about playing sport again (notice the fake horror on the presenters face and the barely oblique dig at Boris/Gov't grrr by the fat lady who can't speak English).

If you don't want to waste 2.30 mins just take my word for it.

Elton John coaches a young 'uns football team now? Cor blimey, an' everyfink.
Oh dear, how sad, never mind...

From your link:
"One junior employee aggressively accused Peterson of being transphobic. "He is an icon of hate speech and transphobia and the fact that he's an icon of white supremacy, regardless of the content of his book, I'm not proud to work for a company that publishes him."
Solution? Resign, he will not be missed.

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