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Latest snowflake outrage

I was fitting some light bars to a couple of my train coaches tonight and the instruction says 'Insert the 'male' plug into the 'female' socket' Rampant sexism and assumption of sexual stereotypes. I'm triggered....oh, hang on, no, I'm not.
Wouldn't it save time if the Guardian published a small article listing what isn't racist, then we could assume everything else is and just get on with out lives ?
Found it.

download (1).png


I trust Willard White has realised all he has to do is withdraw his attempts to defile the memory of those who died in the 14th Army so he could be the White man.

When last night could have ended with a rousing rendition of the great Kipling offering, a good event ended with a really damp squib – something sung by Liverpool football supporters. It was shameful.
White should have been dropped, not Rudyard.


War Hero
No, they honestly believe that they are doing society a favour by "enlightening" them to the perceived cultural injustice of .... erm, ....erm.... erm....

Nah, f*ck it, total gobsh*tes the lot of 'em.


Stuck this in the Hiroshima thread but probably deserves a place here

BBC cuts Kipling's Mandalay from VJ service after one line is deemed racist

His verse evokes the sweat and suffering of Tommy Atkins — the ordinary soldier who risks his neck in battle only to be consigned to oblivion in peacetime.

But that has not prevented Rudyard Kipling’s celebrated poem Mandalay from being expunged from the BBC’s showpiece commemorating the 75th anniversary of VJ Day — much to the distress of veterans’ organisation the Burma Star Association.

The poem was first set to music in 1907 and was to have been sung for inclusion in the evening segment of VJ Day 75, to be hosted on Saturday night by Joanna Lumley on BBC1.

But that plan, I can disclose, was abandoned after a run-through of readings and songs at the Cenotaph, at which acclaimed bass-baritone Sir Willard White, pictured, was due to have sung Mandalay.

Sir Willard objected to the line “an wastin’ Christian kisses on an ’eathen idol’s foot”,’ I’m told. ‘He felt it derogatory to people of colour.’

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: BBC bans Kipling's Mandalay from VJ Day show

Here it is in full from 5 years ago

mandalay poem - Bing video
Glad you posted this when I read this it really made my piss boil. Sir Willard this is not about you and your woke values. This is a memorial and remembrance service for men better and braver than yourself. It is them and their comrades we are remembering. If you don't want to do it step down and let someone else sing the song, which is the song these men sang, many of them not to return it is for them not you
Willard White...?



Book Reviewer
Not sure I'd call putting VE, vice VJ, a spelling mistake.
I'd say it was evidence of stupidity.

There were others but she obviously doesn't have to apologize for her typo mistakes unlike the Met.
That is my understanding after reading recently about a very talented Irish dancer...
There was a reported comment somewhere that the appropriation can only go one way.
Personnaly I'm of the opinion that if Morgan likes to Irish dance then she can, and if I feel like corn rowing my hair then so can I.
That's why morons who spout this sort of sh*t should be deplatformed or whatever the trendy term is.
I believe it is spelt ‘Flamethrowered’...

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