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From what the SWMBO says, anyone who survives past the 4- 7 days of having the virus is pretty much making a slow but full recovery. She's been following this pretty closely on Medical type sites she's a member of.
Presumably that’s 4-7 days of being symptomatic? Given that it’s got an incubation period of around 14 days.


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As I recall, when a Student Union tried this stunt in the early noughties (can't remember the Uni), the CO of the OTC discovered that the SU only held sway over the building itself, so he parked a Light Gun outside the venue. Turned out that the SU were right in a sense. Students were triggered...hundreds of the little scrotes signed up before they got anywhere near the stamp collecting societies 'cos they realised that all they wanted in life was a crack at being a gun bunny. Best recruited intake for some time. Cheers, SJWs! Good times.

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A personal thought on the whole snowflake thingy. I was reading a number of threads on another forum about British humour, and why the rest of the world doesn't seem to get it. The gist from the Brits was that British humour is self deprecating, but fundamentally about the person. US humour on the other hand seems to be about the situation, and there is a culture gap between the two.

So along comes the US SJW snowflake army talking about feelings and diversity and inclusion, and the Brits just look at it and go "does not compute" and goes back to telly jokes about thick blondes and spanish waiters.

Those on the side of US SJW snowflake army see this as a direct affront to their "everyone has an equal right to be whatever they want to be" and immediately launches an offensive at Brit humour.

And so it goes round in ever decreasing circles.

A whole page of big words that actually give no firm tangible indication of how to do something
, yup, that's millennials.

Can we get an "FFS" button please.
Sounds like part 1 orders

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