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What messed it up wasn't the word Niggardly but when he explained to his black colleague (who deserves a kicking for his behaviour) he said:

" You misunderstood me, I said Niggardly. It's not a racial slur, it means being stingy with money. Like a filthy Jew."

I may have made that up, and no I'm not an anti-semite.
JC walt
The moral is that you made this all up and that it's complete and utter bullshit.

There are reasons, stretching back decades, why many minorities are right to complain about prejudicial treatment against them.

It's also true that drama queens who climb onto whatever the next big thing is do those minorities a great disservice.

The fact that you don't understand the difference just demonstrates how dim you are.
I cant wait for later... Hope you are in the same mood.


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Some very fit illegal immigrants have been found on a ferry to Dublin, The left wingers parliamentarians here are falling over themselves to say the right things. "We have Para Medics and doctors on hand to check their heath" ...and another, "We can now confirm they are all fit and in good health" and another! "They will need warm accommodation."

A taxi driver said to me "FFS it takes our own folk a month to see a doctor, and some deserving cases sleep on the street!"
Gets smacked on the arse and instead of knocking the arse-smacker on his arse, decides that it will ruin his life.


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