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Maybe it was just on offer at the same time as he was looking, and...

... the dosh on offer with attached holiday and sick benefits with the position, ticked all of his boxes and he simply thought, "Easier money than continuing on my current career trajectory"?..

I agree though, a difficult one to figure out.
Maybe the job included negligence/personal liability insurance, instead of paying for it himself?
I'm aware that the costs of this put off an awful lot of potential GP's.
That must have been geek central, rather better stocked than Forbidden Planet I imagine
Fully stocked with all you’d expect, still got my United California Brotherhood of Dealers union card. For a Saturday in the middle of August the place had myself, my kids, and two stoners in it, was completely dead, then again it’s Redbank NJ......
Girl Scouts of America sue Boy Scouts of America over the right to be sexist

Mother fined for taking children out of school for Glastonbury | Daily Mail Online

It is something I have always wanted to do, and it was something so special to do as family, after what we have been through.

'I want to make experiences for them while I can, and Glastonbury is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

'I am sure my children learned more at Glastonbury than they would have done in the classroom.
I think the Mother learned a lesson as well, I hope.
Sack the twat immediately after the twat that OK'd the award is sacked.
If by sacked you mean:

I couldn't agree more.

Edited to add: I bet he wasn't too offended by her picture on all that money he extorted.


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Will someone now try to reverse/revise the iconography of the AWI?

'Nike has pulled a sneaker from US shelves in response to claims it promotes Nazi ideology.

'Scheduled for release this week in celebration of America’s Independence Day, the sportswear giant recalled the limited edition Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July trainers bearing the Betsy Ross flag, a slavery-era symbol that in recent years has been co-opted by neo-Nazis. As the Wall Street Journal first reported, the pressure came from former American NFL player and Nike campaign face Colin Kaepernick, who said the Betsy Ross flag is problematic because of its connotations with slavery, racism and white nationalist groups.'

Nike pulls Betsy Ross flag sneakers after Nazi symbol claims
The real irony behind that is as an Quaker activist, Betsy Ross was an opponent of slavery and racism, and part of a long standing tradition of opposition to and questioning of slavery going back over a century by the time of the her making the flag.
Row as lesbian group asked to leave National Theatre bar
Row as lesbian group asked to leave National Theatre bar

The women and their supporters claim their treatment at the hands of staff, who called the police, was a response to their campaigning stance in the gender-identity dispute. Other witnesses in the bar have described their behaviour as disruptive.

The small group, who arrived with placards, included Anne Ruzylo, a political activist and former member of the Bexhill and Battle Labour party, who on Friday night was one of those who complained on Twitter.

Ruzylo, who was wearing a T-shirt bearing the slogan “Lesbian: a woman who loves other women”, tweeted that staff at the Green Room had “called the police to have women and lesbians removed because they don’t like the T-shirts we are wearing

Last night, Lisa Burger, the joint chief executive of the National Theatre, said in a longer statement that the
had provoked “a series of disturbances” which “culminated in abusive behaviour towards our staff”

Anne Ruzylo [yes really]
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Bolloxs that's Bobby from Scots Squad.


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