Latest snowflake outrage

My favourite Indian (read Bangladeshi) restaurant had a white bloke from Yorkshire as its head chef for many years.
The owner said he was better than any he'd hired who came from home.
The Ghee ba Gum ?

I think my local tandoori joint has at least one E European in the kitchen, and their Balti lamb is to die for.

Bloody Poles, coming over here, puffing up our poppadoms.......
It's along time since the days when Naan bread was made by real naannies


Racists? They do realise that St George is widely believed to have been a Muslim who protested against tyranny, and befriended a disabled young woman - or maybe they just do not care?

Clearly these people are racists who hate the disabled too! Scum! I demand a boycott!
'Boicott', shirley?
Can you get a black pudding vindaloo?
You laugh but we get curry houses who think because they're in Wales every damn curry has to have leeks in it
BooHoo, the eco snowflakes get all outraged when (the twat) Richard Madeley points out the bleeding obvious

TV viewers outraged as GMB's Richard Madeley says David Attenborough is 'not a saint, just a broadcaster' in row with Extinction Rebellion protester

GMB's Richard Madeley says David Attenborough is 'not a saint, just a broadcaster' | Daily Mail Online

Viewers were left outraged today after Good Morning Britain's Richard Madeley interrupted an Extinction Rebellion protester to announce, 'David Attenborough's not a saint, just a broadcaster'.

The veteran presenter, 62, was accused of 'insulting' the renowned naturalist during a debate on the protests which brought parts of London to a standstill yesterday, and threaten to do so again today.

I love the comments in The Wail link.

I'll be glad when the old twat (Attenborough) coughs it, his perceived righteousness by the eco-warriors is nauseating. The dreary voice overs on the nature shows take irritating to a new level
Yeah cos it ain't like the Democrats do it. Is it?
It is difficult for you types but consider, please please please, consider the concept of context. Or have you a longing for Hugo Boss?


I can understand why people would be less than pleased with this; but threats of 'rape and murder' in retaliation seem more than a little un-Christian in these enlightened times.

'A Sydney pub has been branded “disgusting” and “disrespectful” after posting a controversial joke about Jesus on their Facebook page.

'Mary’s Newtown shared a picture of Jesus holding a cigarette and a beer yesterday, along with the caption: “Jesus got hammered for his sins, you can too.”

'The post was flooded with thousands of angry comments, and the pub later deleted the picture from their page.'

Outrage at pub’s ‘disgusting’ joke

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