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Next for scrutiny & black-listing will be M. Sarne & W Richard (RIP) 'Come Outside', (TOTP for 2 weeks in 1962)

Little doll we've been jiving all night long
(Little doll)
Little doll gotta feeling something's wrong
(Little doll)
Coz it aint right to wanna keep on dancing
There won't be any time left for romancing
Come outside, come outside
There's a lovely moon out there
Come outside, come outside
While we got time to spare

Little doll it seems ages since we kissed
(Little doll)
Little doll think of all the fun we've missed
(Little doll)
Coz it aint right to wanna keep on dancing
There won't be any time left for romancing
Come outside, (what for) come outside (whats the rush)
There's a lovely moon out there (it's cold outside)
Come outside, (why) come outside (you do keep on)
While we got time to spare (I want another twist)

Now I went and promised your old man
That we'd be home about half past ten
Seems we've got just one more jive
Then we'll be starting home again

Come outside,(get lost) come outside (go and ask lil)
There's a lovely moon out there (you can go off people)
Come outside, (give over) come outside (belt up)
While we got time to spare (why don't you listen to the beat)
Little doll I know the band ain't bad
(Little doll)
Little doll I'm a-getting kinda mad
(Little doll)
Coz it aint right to wanna keep on dancing
There won't be any time left for romancing

Come outside,(lay off) come outside (shove it)
There's a lovely moon out there (you are a one)
Come outside,(all right) come outside (not for too long)
While we got time for a bit of slap and tickle (I'll slap and tickle you in a minute)
Oh come out for a bit of....

The version I heard had a couple of lines about "I've just seen your stocking tops, one more flash and i think my flies will pop" which was probably not the Top of The Pops version
And a bang on the ear! Fisherman's blues. Some of my favourite driving tunes.
Agreed 100%. They really got the 'craic', as opposed to the manufactured Dexy's and Hothouse Flowers.
Ah, Fisherman's Blues...... I spent two glorious weeks in a nurse's bed in Barnstable listening to that, while my oppos shivered inside wooden huts at nearby Fremington. Breakfast in bed (in more than one sense), taxi back to camp at seven-thirty and an HGV licence at the end of it all.

Happy days...
Paedo tactic? If they're old enough to vote, they're old enough to consent?
Surely's it's more about catching the young and vulnerable to vote for the Labour Party before they have a chance to grow up and think for themselves

Saying that Labour's links to the Paedophile Information Exchange probably aren't helping their cause here...
So, are they gonna have cyberwomen and female daleks?
I have an ex-girlfriend who had a very gnarly voice, and did some interesting things with a sink plunger....
Cyberwomen what a ridiculous thought it'll never happen well except for Bill Potts Peter Capaldi's companion who got mech'd up and the fourth episode of the Dr Who spin off Torchwood which was called Cyberwoman and was about the relationship between one of the Torchwood crew and his girlfriend Lisa who had also been given the shiny treatment. As for the Darleks as it would require driving skills I can't see it happening anytime soon.
Nah, nothing "political" at all, simply yet another cuckold who's fantasy spilled over into real life.
Nope, he's got a book out and very canny PR agent who knows how to get free publicity
What’s the worst that could happen? At least it would be exciting, it would make elections more fun. It is never going to happen in a million years but as a way of capturing just how structurally unbalanced our democracies have become, seriously, why not? Why not six-year-olds?........

........His recommendation comes from research for his new book, How Democracies End, which examines signs of how democracy is collapsing.
I.e it's not even in the book

Very cute
That is truely, truely frightening.

And once African scientists have discovered that everything works the same way it did when the white scientists first described it does that make the science any more valid.
And then they learn that the basis for science was laid down by the Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians and Indians they are in for a surprise.
It would seem that the MENA "scientists" have started "doing-it-for-themselves" . . .


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