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Did you just assume their gender?
Your comment makes no sense to me. I was aware that there was a woman scientist who did a lot of work on DNA but did not get credit for it. I was also aware that the perceived wisdom is that it was down to gender bias at that time. I assumed nothing.
That is a disgusting thing to say. It is like the comments by the NAZIs. It is right wing eugenics. If you can't get worked up about NAZIs what can you get worked up about?
Here's a funny story. You'll love it
Great Grandfather - Snuffed at Coronel - HMS Monmouth
Grandfather - snuffed on PQ8 - HMS Matabele
Me? Just a bit of running about in the bush in the 80s opposing Cubans and various 'liberation' terrorist movements.
Tell me your war stories MoFo.
By the way, a lot of my maternal family members (Zeitling) never got out of Germany during those nasty years.


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I'm waiting for a Muslim Dr Who, what are the Daleks going to do with a Dr Who keeps going Exterminate! Exterminate! and wants to kill anyone who offends them

Are they going to give up, and go ok you win
Are the Daleks covert Islamists?

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