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I'm with the woofters on this. The enforcers of the Law must not march alongside paedophiles, chicken shaggers, goat shaggers, motherfeckers and lawyers. It would not be in keeping with the dignity of our society.
Given the recent court cases involving the Fuzz, I think that they would fit right in with all of your list, well, apart from the lawyers...
another from FB

Doesn't matter, put 'em all on the Chopper Read diet!

Looking at the porkers in that vid , this FB shot from wimbledon beats it ...

Jeez I know they have too tick boxes and all that bollocks but not a good look for a sporting event

May be an image of 3 people, people standing, people playing sport, indoor and text that says INAUR ER ppo



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Emma Brown, 30, a graduate from Glasgow School of Art (presumably unemployed), was one of those involved.
“I am taking this action because art is about telling the truth and connecting to our deepest emotions,” she explained. “But right now, when we need them most – art institutions are failing us. They seem to think it’s enough to put on an exhibition about climate change rather than challenge the government’s genocidal plans to allow new oil and gas."

Outrageous the lack of militant climate change activists on the staff of the Kelvingrove.
Can't see a problem.
Place a couple of reredos in front to shield them from prying eyes and find a security guard (with terminal flatulence) to stand with them to ensure their wellbeing.
Pride in London says uniformed officers should not march in the parade...

The Gay Liberation Front, which organised the first Pride march in 1972, has also signed an open letter calling for an end to not only police taking part in the parade but also patrolling the march.

I think you'll find that the constabulary can go where they bloody well like...

Just wait for the cries of anguish when something goes wrong.
Squeals of "Call the police, I've been assaulted".
Be careful what you wish for?
Now Lozza Fox may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I caught a snippet of an interview on GBTV where he referred to the 'Holy Month of Pride', which I think succinctly describes the whole thing.


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yet another example ...

snip "One vegetarian woman recently decided to treat her boyfriend and their daughter to a dinner of sausage and chips as a change from their regular meat-free diet - however, she soon regretted her choice.
Chrissie Anker was cooking the sausages when she noticed that one of them looked uncannily 'like a pig'.
The 21-year-old mum from Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, was 'disgusted' when she checked on the bangers in the oven, only to discover one looked like it had formed little ears.
The senior support officer claims she then took the meat out of the cooker and was stunned to spot what looked like a snout as well - leaving her cringing at the 'horrible but funny' sight."

This is the one ..


and this the wimpy bird, mind you I would .... well as long as I didn't get damaged by her nasal metalwork.



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And the rest of them are having ”mental elf isshoos” FFS

I’m convinced that >90% of snowflake bleating is less to do with mUh SoCiAL JUstiCe and rather more to do with creating the conditions whereby success is guaranteed, no matter how mediocre you are.

You see, YOU are not the problem, it’s the EVERYBODY/THING else.

It’s no accident that society is functioning at the level of the lowest common denominator. It’s a direct result of people not wishing to deal with the world as they find it. That would require strength of character, self-reflection and a healthy level of introspection in those individuals. Which can’t happen because the grievance industry (see senior D&I hires in MoD for example) would collapse and with it those significant salaries.

It’s a societal Ouroboros writ large.