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Ah yes Churchill was a bad guy because grain had to be used to feed the forces fighting to protect India from Japanese brutality, and even then it wasn't enough food, sorry there was a war on and everyone had a shortage of food, but maybe, just maybe, if India wasn't so overpopulated then and now they would be better off.
It's even sadder than that. The famine was mostly in one of the Indian States, speculation by traders and a run of bad harvests in the years before the famine contributed, Britain had already promoted a switch from fibre crops to food crops in many cases and this was a policy continued by the successive governments after independence and partition.

"British and Indian governments, both at the centre and in the provinces and states, were dealing with crop failures and subsistence crises from the outbreak of war in summer 1939 onward. The “man-made” famine argument ignores the substantial efforts undertaken by groups ranging from the War Cabinet in London to small princely states and private relief organizations, as well as the obstacles and clearly evident shortages of food reserves that they faced. The “man-made famine” argument blames the British for the Bengal famine while ignoring British concerns regarding the Japanese attacks on shipping and the food needs of other regions dependent on Britain. The argument also seems to minimize the Japanese threat, evidenced by the Japanese atrocities reported from Burma, and from which British and Indian military forces protected Bengal and the rest of India."
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Have you read the story in the Guardian, I would have called it an article, but I think story is more fitting, as it reads like a great piece of fiction.

White people in Brighton going to a Yoga class, and then walking out when they see that the instructor is brown?
I very much doubt that this happened.

I’m pretty confident that this was written just to stir things up a little bit, as they probably deep down inside realised that nobody in their right mind would give a damn about a lack of diversity in yoga classes.

I read the thing and thought it smelt fishy.. cod or pollocks I thought at first but then i figured out it was Smollett
Flegs now:

Nothing on there for the chicken-shaggers. So unfair.


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Flegs now:
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Nothing on there for the chicken-shaggers. So unfair.
Christ, best not let my HR Dept see that, they'll be shitting themselves because they haven't got the right flag up in reception! (mind, might be an idea, just to see heads explode).
Christ, best not let my HR Dept see that, they'll be shitting themselves because they haven't got the right flag up in reception! (mind, might be an idea, just to see heads explode).
Show them a different one every day for a week and see them implode


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You can get a longer butt stock for "That Rifle". At 6' 4" with knuckles that drag on the ground, I had to have one fitted to the one issued to me when I joined the Bn from basic.
I recall we were all made to lie in the prone position in the armoury and got measured the correct length of butt, never once had any issues with recoil. I suppose we were real men in those days !!


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That sounds familiar...

Stuck on the first episode while sorting/having lunch - it's fine, lots of tears already and it's great watching gravity do it's thing with the fatties. The guy who advocated keeping food a secret needs to be taught a lesson, a hard one.

I like the premise that teamwork will reward everyone at the end, rather than it be a selfish singular thing - good idea.

Location, btw, is the Graythwaite Estate just to the West of the lower half of Lake Windermere.

Could your little darling survive Snowflake bootcamp?

Rae Hume, 26, was invited to take part in a new reality TV show, thinking that it would be similar to Love Island. Snowflake Mountain is Netflix's controversial new reality show
Could be a laugh.
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One of the snowflakes said:
One of the mottos they taught us was “Discipline equals freedom”

That sounds familiar...

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