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Found this info on the ' latest' scientific new3sweb

To prevent heat exhaustion use Pampers [ but not the way you thought ].. If you can't hydrate your skin by taking axshower or jumping into a body of water , saturate a Pampers disposable diaper [ which, of course, every good spec-ops agent carries at all times in dusty climes ] - you'd be surprised at how much moisture it can hold - wipe down your body and then wear it on h your head to replenish your skin with moisutre [ and try not to look like the numpties from Monty Python sketch fame ]

when you return to bivvie and your feet are sore, blistered andrank from days in serted in your camo penny loafers and give offan odoer guarateed to knock down wildlife within a large perimter, you can eleiminate the stench and thus protect yourself from discovery from sharp-nosed enemies by soaking your feet in Jell-o for 20 minutes [ ready made, any flavour doesn't mater ].. the Jell-o eliminates/absorbs foot oder and it comes in anumber of delicious scents leavbing your feet smelling wonderfully fruity and relaxed as well..

perfect for suaddies in the sandbox.. wives and girlfriends note thses two items for the nextr package from home to the boys at the pointy end of the hotspots...

okay, puiblic service announcement over..
Alternatively just keep yourself shaded and drink lots. Much better use of water than wearing it on your head in a nappy.

Obviously if you have water that you can't drink, you can soak your shemagh and use that.

Like the jelly idea. I often wonder what to do with the 3lbs of jelly I have in my bergan.


chocolate_frog said:
Like the jelly idea. I often wonder what to do with the 3lbs of jelly I have in my bergan.

After using it a few times you can serve the jelly up to any unpopular ruperts in the area - especially if one has become wary of drinking the "special" tea from the lads :)
One has to wonder at these 'scientists' who have " Eureka " moments and think ' Hey!@@ putting a soggy diaper on a man's head could prevent dehydration! ' and the agencies/corporations/governments who pony up the money for them to conduct experiements to ' prove their theory '..

I have this mental image of some poor trainee squad of soldiers told to report to X-wing for some special taskings or a bunch of destitute university students lined up at a ' med lab ' for guinea pig tests at $ 5.oo a day to walk around wearing sodden disposable nappies on their heads in some climate controlled hot box, or ruching about in thick boots sweating up their toes and plunging them into vats of Jell-o where their responses are ' measured' by a crew of lab-coated grad students with clipboards going ' Hmmmm " and scribbling numbers on a form..

there must be a way to tap into this luicrative ' research ' business..I just need a semi-plausibel hypothesis on something...


:? 8O who comes up with this rubbish?

On special tea was introduced to this concept when told to brew up for a regular officer and warned on pain of a kicking not to **** into his brew .Me being an innocent stab hadnt even though of it .It was too ******* cold anyway to even try. :twisted:
The Lord Flasheart said:
who comes up with this rubbish?

Yank SF walts.


I've found that a sweat rag around the neck works well especially if you can keep it damp. Won't work well on ops where water is always likely to be limited though...

Bring back scrim scarfs!


Another super duper SAS suvival guide? I get 10 of those f------ things each Christmas!
Basically in the US anything British military... whatever it is, it's all SAS! Genuine SAS super dooper trooper (OD crotch towel) and you can flog it easy! Worked for me!

?!?!?!?!?! You mean they stopped issuing scrim?!?!?! Dam, glad I've still got mine!

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