Latest salvo in XBox Vs PS3 battle

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by TopBadger, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. It seems Microsoft have upped tha anti:

    I bought a HDTV a month ago in preparation for buying a PS3 (i've got a PS2) and considered myself to be a loyal Sony fan.

    But since Sony have priced it at £424, and i've since found on other forums that my PS2 games won't necessarily be backward compatible as originally claimed (because the emotion chip is not included in the EU version, FFS!) i'm seriously looking a taking my wedge elsewhere!

    One thing the PS3 had over Xbox was its hard-drive and abilty to play HD video content, but no longer from the looks of things.

    In my position which would you buy?

    I'm tempted to wait it out for a few months, and see if Sony decide to sensibily re-price the thing. Advice?

  2. I'm a little confused by why people are complaining about the price. If you by a 360 with all the bells and whistles (HD Drive, Wi Fi) that the PS3 comes with it soon starts nudging £400 as well.

    The 360 does not compare with the PS3 for capabilities, Sony fall down by not making it open source apparently companies have to pay a huge sum which only the largest software developers can afford.

    Random fact I got told over the weekend!
    The PS3 should drop in price in the future a lot as both the PS1 and PS2 did in their time.

    So how patient are you? :D
  3. I'm pretty patient...

    You do have a point though. Just a blu-ray player on its own is serious wedge.

    I'll wait until it gets under £400 i reckon... thats a bit of a watershed figure for me.

  4. It may start nudging £400, but the PS3 on it's own, with one controller and no games is £425. Once you buy games and a second controller you're talking over £500.

    I'm still sticking with my Wii and not buying a 360 or PS3 until their prices become reasonable.
  5. I'm all for the X360. I got myself the HD player for it the other week.

    Brill! (£120 from Argos - Delivered).

    Blu Ray and Sony. Hmm. Sony are very good but their track record for new formats aint so hot- despite how good it is.

    VHS v Betamax (Sony backed)
    Laser disc

    plus a few more too.

    I have to say, having seen the PS3, the differences between that and the X360 aint that much.

    At present, as you say the biggest draw is the amount of potential games the X360 will have over the PS3. I believe a software upgrade soon for the 360 will allow older XBox games to be played.
  6. That would certainly, change the veiws of some too Xbox
  7. acp agreed, you do need to buy a few little extras that no one mentions to get up to PS3 spec. Nearly brought a 360 because it was cheap then realised it wasn't when I wanted HD, Wi Fi ect.

    I think you right T_L_F there will be a lot in the BR, HD format battle.
    Sony own a lot of media, the porn industry is backing HD, It's gonna be close!
  8. No rumble effect on PS3 controllers either .

  9. TLF III if you please. ;)

    Porn? It's a done deal then. :D

    Sonys PR and marketing division is run by the same people who ran Hitlers.
  10. I agree with Flashy the Third about Sony's previous history-anyone remember the ATRAC format to challenge MP3. Brilliant in concept but Sony never released a version that would alloy playback on a computer. So I jumped ship to Creative and then Apple.

    People should look on for some cracking deals on PS3 and XBox 360. I'm not much of a computer gaming freak to be honest but I do fancy a new console and I'm probably going to go for the all singing all dancing XBox version as I don't like Sony.
  11. The best way to win this war of loyalties is to wait a year and see how they square up to each other over that period. How many Betamax owners were kicking themselves in the early 80's when VHS won the war? As always, the marketing departments of Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, et al and the publishers will decide the outcome of this battle.

    I noticed the title of the thread is 'PS3 vs XBox'. I gather that the general consensus is that the Wii isn't up to the fight. I beg to differ. Nintendo have finally cottoned on that power isn't everything, and the Wii has shifted faster than any of the other next gen consoles, both in the launch day sales and over the first week.

    The question really is this; do you want a jack of all trades, or a master of one? Wii's lack of high definition underlines it's stance as a gaming platform, and as such serves to strengthen it's own brand immeasurably. While Sony and Microsoft are battling it out with expensive HD players and hard drives, Nintendo seems to be quietly winning this war with good old fashioned gaming straight out of the box. You might not get all bells and whistles, but at least you won't feel cheated when you hand over that (considerably smaller) hard-earned wedge.

    I've not bought any of the new breed yet, but I think I know what I'll be plumping for in the next year or so. (And by that time I'll probably own an hd player anyway).