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Sunday Times (London)

January 1, 2006, Sunday


HEADLINE: Disgruntled troops fill Tony's Basra morale raiser full of lead

BYLINE: Roland White


Tony Blair's morale-boosting pre-Christmas visit to troops in Iraq has clearly not achieved much in the way of actual boosted morale.

Soldiers have been making their views known on the Army Rumour Service, waggishly addressed "Oh deep joy," said one contributor, on hearing that Blair had arrived in Basra. "If being in Iraq over Christmas wasn't bad enough, now that egotistical t**t turns up."

Another hoped that the prime minister wouldn't be heading his way. "Not only will there be extra guards," he complained, "but days of tidying and sand polishing and general practising of standing in groups in the correct but informal manner."
So does this mean that Roland White is "Atticus" in the Sunday Times? This is pretty much word for word the same thing.

It bears repeating though! :D :D

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