Latest Operational Awards March 2010

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TheSpecialOne, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. No TA mentioned - maybe its a "one army" list?
  2. msr

    msr LE


    Would they not be mentioned under the unit they were attached to?

  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    In previous lists TA recipients were marked as "Territorial`Army" (but then again, so was at least one regular soldier). It is highly probable that no awards were won by reservists on this list. There were also thousands of regular soldiers, sailors and airmen who did all sorts of worthy and brave things over the period who didn't make the list either.
  4. Nails. Already has the CGC & is then awarded an MC!
  5. Re: the CGC

    RN Website
  6. In addition, the numbers are strictly rationed - only a certain number can be given out per tour.

    I was suprised that Thorneloe only got a GCVS and not the obligatory CO's DSO/OBE.

    Only 4 MBEs - that looks a bit light
  7. Numbers rationed - seriously? Is bravery also rationed?
  8. Yes - only a certain number of "A" class gongs can awarded per tour. MOD policy. Not sure that the policy extends to gallantry awards.
  9. Link? Evidence?
  10. You can't be made a member of an Order if you are dead. QCVS is probably the only posthumous award available for leadership.

    As for the rationing, it is in the Purple Guide (don't know the JSP number). IIRC the level at the moment is 1 Level One award per 1000 personnel in theatre - the other levels have an equivalent ratio. It may sound harsh, but one of the reasons why our operational honours and awards are so coveted is their scarcity.
  11. **** me, it sounds like everyone who joins up is only init to get a medal :lol:

    And there was me thinking everyone joined up for HM's pleasure.
  12. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Too true. There are a lot of men walking around today (and a few who aren't) who should be wearing an MC, at the very least, for what they did last summer.
  13. It is explained in JSP 761 at para 0202:


    0202. The scale of awards for gallantry and for meritorious service in an operational area or a campaign, or part thereof, is based on a recommendation from the force commander to the Chiefs of Staff which, if approved, is authorised by The Sovereign following a submission by the MOD to the HD Committee. This scale, known as the Operational Scale, will vary according to the circumstances of the operation and be based on the average strength of the force employed over a given period. Scales allow additional appointments to Orders and membership is ‘additional’ rather than ‘ordinary’. Practically both are the same.
  14. No medals for reservists this time round but there were three Joint Commander's Commendations awarded in this list to reservists for being good eggs in Afghan: a REME corporal, a Rifles captain and a WO2 from one of the Yeomanry regiments.

    There is a R SIGNALS corporal who got a JCC for Iraq, but hard to tell whether he was TA or Regular as his unit is mixed TA/Reg (at least for the next 7 days). On balance, probably a regular.......

    Nice to frame and hang in the guest bathroom.......(the commendations, obviously, not the reservists involved). :D