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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by eodmatt, Aug 9, 2009.

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  1. So there is this trial going on in Tehran right now and the defendent is (was) a local employee of the British embassy. And on telly last night, the highy esteemed and renowned Iranian Broadcorping Castration showed film of witnesses claiming to have seen the British Ambassador to Iran leading the riots and causing trubble, after the elections.

    So I asked a few locals if they thought the reports were true. 100% said they were bullshit. Of course I couldnt ask any of the Guinness bottles that wander about here looking like mobile death. But they are only about 20% of the population anyway. And the best quote came from a taxi driver in Tehran who said: "I cant see the British Ambassador wiping his own arse let alone leading riots".

    Of course there is a really serious side to the court case: the poor b'stard in court stands a very good chance of being hanged just because he worked for the British embassy.

    Nanu nanu!
  2. Don't worry, the FO has expressed outrage. I'm sure the prosecutors are quaking in their boots.
    Nothing like an SAS snatch operation followed by an assasination of Imadinnerjacket to express outrage mind.
  3. Fear not, Miliband is on the case.
  4. Well in that case, why worry? I'm sure everything will work out fine and Islamic fundamentalists won't rule the world any time soon...
  5. You say that like it''s a bad thing. :D :D :D

  6. poor b'stard is doomed then!
  7. Completely f**ked,I'd say :!:
  8. C**t :wink:
  9. I believe the Ivans had the right idea...

    Legand has it that shortly after the Iranians took over the American Embassy, the Soviet Ambassador visited the Ayatollah. He took off his watch and dropped it on the floor. Then he stamped on it.

    Pointing to the remains of the watch, he told the Lord High Camel-Sh@gger:

    "The day after you take Russians hostage, Tehran will look like that."

    Message recieved and understood! :twisted:
  10. Almost. I heard that HE the Sovietski Ambassadorski said "this is what will happen to one of your cities - and we have plenty of missiles". Ah the good old days of diplomacy.
  11. The Ruski's certainly know a thing or two about diplomacy.

    During the Lebanon hostage crisis of the 80s some Soviet diplomats were held hostage by Hezbollah so a specialist KGB unit were dispatched. They identified the friends and family of the captors, and started sending Hezbollah the body parts thereof. Hezbollah got the message. Soviet diplomats went home.
  12. Haven't we "protested in the strongest possible terms" yet? That normally makes Johnny Foreigner reconsider such impertinence.
  13. Eyeran poking the poodle again :)
  14. ...with the usual result :roll:
  15. I have to admit, I always had a soft spot for the old KGB...not that the FSB are exactly blushing virgins... 8O :twisted:

    Historical Trivia: J. Edgar Hoover, when he was setting up the FBI, based them partly on the old NKVD. :wink: