Latest Michael Yon despatch

He's a very dedicated, honest and hard-working man. He has no axe to grind, so we get the truth.
You've really got to admire this fella Michael Yon! He's a fellow squaddie (a Septic Marine, I believe), who's, to date, delivered the, in my opinion, the only REAL reports from the war in "Eye-Rack" and also in Afffers.

This man really tells it like it is and as such deserves any and all support, both moral and financial, since, don't fortget, Michael Yon's doing this on his own dime. He's risking his life up with the guys at the sharp end to bring you the real state of what's happening in Afghanistan.

It would be the least we could do to support him with our subsequent endeavours and our dollars. Give freely folks! Give here! I cannot operate in the war without your support. If support does not substantially increase, I will be forced to abandon war reporting in September. There has seldom been much interest in the Afghanistan war. You can help support this mission through paypal, all major credit cards, or e-check.

His account out on the ground following the British in contact after contact in Iraq was bloody amazing! he reports it as it is, he had a hell of a lot of praise for our Soldiers in Iraq at a time when certain newspapers and American sources were trying to Diss the lads on the ground...

The guy deserves some kind of praise from very high up, alongside Ross kemp he has let a very unknowing British & American public a bit more aware of just how bad it is for the Tom on the ground, our politicians might be preaching 'Peacekeeping' to the general Public so it's good that there are reporters like Michael Yon who are reporting from the 'WAR'...

Good Effort that man...
Once more I'm utterly captivated by his descriptive skills.
As others have said, he is giving us the truth.
Long may he continue to do so.

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