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Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by goldfinger, Nov 16, 2010.

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  1. Son stationed in Scotland.
    Points out to powers-that-be that he is further away from home than servicemen who are permitted to fly, after much discussion is permitted to fly home -time taken 1 h.5 hours vs 11 hours on train. NOW THE GOOD BIT- cost to MOD £60.00 return on easyjet.
    Senior Rupert sees this, gets wound up because he is no longer allowed 1st class travel / plane everywhere by right, imposes ruling that only senior officers may fly.
    Result, cost to MOD of 2nd class train ticket £184.00, time each way circa 11 hours. So whilst we are unable to afford planes for our aircraft carriers we can waste £124.00 per squaddie so that a brass hat can feel valued !!!

    Great idea for next defence review - how about using common sense on everyday expenditure such as travel warrants.
  2. Do you know for a fact its because a officer got upset or are you trying to generate a bit of outrage?

    It doesnt cost 184 quid for standard ticket if you book in advance (like you would for a plane).

  3. Pack of ****ing lies.
  4. Can you write him a note to take back?
  5. stacker1 asked the OP

    OP had used the pejorative
    I'm guessing that the OP had issues before this alleged event.

    If there is any veracity in the above, I suspect it is a local rule, not national Defence wide policy and can be slapped down or safely ignored. Rail travel is the datum. If you can fly or drive for less than full standard rail, you can. Or am I a rebel? And as stacker1 says, book ahead and save Defence even more money.

    The last word from last November's instruction from CDS/PUS was and is; where savings can be made, they should be.

  6. RHIP......................................
  7. A quick google show that booking a month in advance from Glasgow to London costs an outrageous £30. Half the price of the Easy Jet ticket.
  8. And here's an excellent example of how savings can be made:

    Go to the top of the class Sangreal.

    From now on, all service personnel and MoD civillians should aim to save time and money by minimising the number of characters they use in correspondance.
  9. How many Toms can book a WHOLE MONTH in advance safe in the knowledge no lastminute.coms are going to pop up?
  10. Load of bollocks, thats what travel insurance is for. He should have kit and life insurance anyway, there is always a way around things. I know Colonels who voluntarily give up their travel rights to save their own units some money. Admittedly they are ****ing rare, but there all the same. On another note, when i was at Catterick, we had a tom who used to walk to the edge of the motorway and thumb a lift to Glasgow every single weekend and never be late back on the Monday. (Must of sucked off a lot of truckers mind)
  11. Travel insurance? I'd like to see a policy that would provide adequate cover. Somehow I don't think you'll find one. Especially after your third or fourth claim of the year.
  12. About the same amount who could book a flight a WHOLE MONTH in advance safe in the knowledge no lastminute.coms are going to pop up. What do you think squaddies based in Germany do?

    Just to add Ive just googled train fares from Glasgow to London from the 23rd of November with a squaddie rail card and the cheapest is 36 quid.
  13. Who wants to go home 3 or 4 times a year? The Jocks have got square sausage, tatty scones and buckfast, with a massive amount of hungry minge. Is he being nonced? Maybe he's lying to Mummy so he can go out and bang Mary McScankybitch who does cock for crack
  14. Please don't use language like that.

    There is no need for it, and a lot of people, like me, find it highly offensive.

    It's "Must *have* sucked off a lot of truckers".

    All the best,

  15. Hang on Fella, I have been seeing Mary for a couple of months now, and she told me she only accepts cash. The lying slag! I wondered why she was always a bit crusty...........