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With the latest honours list being published, can someone please explain to me why Cherie Blair is deserving of a CBE? I didn't think awards were given for hoovering up sacks of cash, & setting yourself up nicely.

Who do you think deserves a clout instead of a "K", or has earned their gong from expertise in Arselikhan, not inspiration?

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Looks like Michael Winner was right after all... they really do dish them out to toilet cleaners.

I'll be honest, I'm suprised Tony has been knighted yet.
Cherie (Fucking) Bliar? I really thought you were joking. The whole system is now void.
Sir Bradley Wiggins! Can't wait to see what he wears to the Palace.

Happy with the Olympians... yet to browse the military list, knowing this yet another year without I can't be arrsed.
It's amazing how people who hardly anyone had heard of six months ago have gone from fuck all to Buck House after two weeks of running and jumping - and after already being showered with trinkets and adulation. As one of the BBC News 24 presenters has just noted: 'It's a funny system.' It most certainly is - and not in a 'ha ha' kind of way.
Miss Mridul HEGDE Director, Financial Stability, HM Treasury.
For services to the Stabilisation of the
British Banking System...
Ms Shahnaz ALI OBE, Senior Lead in Equality and Diversity, NHS North West. For services to Equality and Diversity.

Now there's a job for me when I get out. I bet Shahnaz is a laugh-a-minute.
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