Latest Fad to keep Kids off the streets

Read this article this morning over breakfast, seems a few councils have started classes to keep the youf of today off the streets so to speak.

Finally the French have a decent idea. Well almost.
I've got a good idea. Hold back one week's wages for the Premiership footballers and use the funds amassed to buy a rugby ball or football for every kid in the country and to purchase back the council playing fields sold-off during the eighties and nineties. Then take unemployed graduates, train them to referee and organise training and coaching. It might work, it seemed to be a key element of keeping kids happy before it became "government responsibility" to organise leisure! Or we could just do nothing and let them slip into messing, then crime and then criminal careers...
Cracking post Cuddles, I know of many areas where Rugby and similar sports clubs nearby keep the kids out of trouble.
Listening to a Total Rugby Podcast the other day and in New York they've started street rugby for exactly that reason.

How many folk using this site have the proper quals and the inclination to do something similar to that?

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