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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Jealous_Bob, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone heard the latest from the EHMC. I was told it was last week but as a mushroom I havent heard any more?

    Come on spill the beans and tell?
  2. You should know by now its secret, unless you have one trouser leg slightly shorter than the other and are very good at funny handshakes
  3. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, they'll tell you what was discussed many moons ago when they're good and ready
  4. You should be getting EHMC info from your SO2 or through local CoC.

    I appreciate you may be in a similar position to my team (mushrooms) so you may have to wait out.

    Obviously we wouldn't want anything classified *restricted* discussed here on t'internet. Or discussed here before the release date.

    If you are being kept in the dark regularly and want this issue raised, PM me your locstat (*in confidence*) and I will raise it on your behalf with the Tech Rep or whoever is most appropriate.

    I like the signature block, but more worrying: so do the JNCO's here!!!
  5. Yep!

    In fact, I hear it was a particularly productive meeting due to the absence of a well known unnamed overly articulate loquacious member (name of suspect to me on a PM).

    The EH Tech Rep can fill you on the gossip, although seing the previous threads most of it has leaked already!!
  6. The EHMC for those who don't know is a method that EHOs use, to spend limited T&S budgets and then talk and promise that all will be done for the good and benefit etc. After a reunion meal, piss-up and knees up at the local masonic lodge they return to whence they came having visited total recall on the way!

    I think SO2's get a discount on the Mars package. With their memories erased its back for tea and medals. All promises made are revoked and then the minutes are produced by someone who was not actually there, to make sure that no work is generated.

    Am I bitter, you bet I am. Please invite me I want T&S too.
  7. Oh, thats a toughy.......
  8. Give us a clue, how tall was he??
  9. If you've ever met him, you'll know who is being referred to here.