Latest eBay purchase makes my blood boil thanks to the LOF

Imagine my excitement as the postman arrives with my latest eBay find - the programme for the Jubilee display of the TA units of the City and County of London which took place at the Duke of Yorks Headquarters on Saturday 5th July 1958.

Excitedly I leaf through my prize reading the brief yet illustrious regimental histories of the scores of participating units. I get some dust in my eye at the sight of 169 (Greenjackets) Infantry Brigade. Yes, three battalions of riflemen in London, those were the days!

But then, sandwiched between the F.A.N.Y and 600 & 601 Sqns of the R.Aux.AF in the procession I spy the words Legion of Frontiersmen!!!

WTF!!! The LOF taking part in a War Office event - officially. Why? By invitation presumably but WHY???

This fine document now feels a bit tainted.

Any chance you could scan some pages, so we can see what TA 100 could have been?

I also have the programme for the TA Golden Jubilee Review by Her Majesty The Queen at Hyde Park on Sunday 22nd June 1958. Scottish and Northern Irish Units did not participate.

On parade were contingents from:

42nd (Lancashire) Infantry Division (TA)
43rd (Wessex) Infantry Division (TA)
44th (Home Counties) Infantry Division (TA)
49th (West Riding and Midland) Infantry Division (TA)
50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division (TA)
53rd (Welsh) Infantry Division (TA)
54th (East Anglian) Infantry Division (TA)
56th (London) Infantry Division (TA)
2nd Army Group RA (Anti-Aircraft) (TA)
41st Army Group RA (Anti-Aircraft) (TA)
42nd Army Group RA (Anti-Aircraft) (TA)
87th Army Group RA (Field) (TA)
44th Independent Parachute Bde (TA)
22nd Armoured Bde (TA)
23rd Armoured Bde (TA)
30th Anti-Aircraft Bde (TA)
31st Anti-Aircraft Bde (TA)
33rd Anti-Aircraft Bde (TA)
34th Anti-Aircraft Bde (TA)

Music was provided by the bands of the following:

The Royal Artillery
The Honourable Artillery Company (TA)
The Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry (Prince of Wales Own)(TA)
The Queen’s Own Yorkshire Yeomanry (TA)
114th Army Engineer Regiment, Royal Engineers (TA)
5th Battalion The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment (TA)
2nd Battalion The Monmouthshire Regiment (TA)
9th Battalion The Manchester Regiment (TA)
8th Battalion Durham Light Infantry (TA)
12th Battalion The Parachute Regiment (TA)
13th Battalion The Parachute Regiment (TA)
17th Battalion The Parachute Regiment (TA)
1st Battalion Irish Guards
1st Battalion Welsh Guards

My third programme is for the Guildhall reception on Friday 17th June 1958 to celebrate Golden Jubilee of the TA. The Territorial Army units of the City of London were invited by the Corporation of London to exercise their right to march through the City with "flags flying, drums beating, and beyonets fixed". Huge p1ss up afterwards in the Guildhall.

I’ll dig them out and photograph them.

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