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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Alan Partridge, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. looking forward to all the Tory lovers eating their hats.

    None hats being untouched of course.....
  2. Fortunately, unlike Mrs H_M 1st, I didn't make the mistake of voting for bloody Cameron.
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  3. Meh, realistically there is plenty of fat to be chopped.
  4. And with comments like that, Labour must be rubbing their hands together, safe in the knowledge that the electorate are beginning to forget who got us in this shite in the first place.
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  5. but i'll bet you all one thing with maj gen everard as assitant CGS the 9/12l will get left well alone by that in whatever role/state the capbadge will remain untouched .

    I really do feel sorry for the jocks though but i guess thats the price for being manned by fijians !!!
  6. The Army is being cut by 20% so whatever course of action was adopted would result in newspaper headlines like this. I wonder which individual has abused the position and clearances and trust placed on them by the nation in order to leak this to the media?
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  7. Just a few:

    the rest were combat support troops and engineers.
    So what the f* ck are engineers if not CS?

    Among the less “glamorous” units, the Royal Logistic Corps is facing a cut of 25 per cent down to 12,000 soldiers, although its bomb disposal arm, which has grown in recent years to deal with the improvised explosive device threat in Afghanistan, will remain untouched.

    So only RLC EOD has grown?

    The Army Air Corps will see some of its older helicopters, such as the Lynx, being axed

    No shit an old capability being axed and replaced with...?

    Both the Yorkshire Regiment and the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, which recently had members killed in Afghanistan, and The Rifles, are also thought to be vulnerable.

    So no other Regt/Corps has recently lost troops?

    have resulted in a “catastrophic” collapse in morale among the “institutional Army” — those troops not on operations.

    As one who is serving, what the f*ck is the 'institutional army'? What horse sh*t

    What complete and utter emotional and over simplified tosh by yet another so called defence expert that has no f*cking idea about what it is like to wear a uniform (possibly boy scout)? I f* cking love jornos (funny how my IPAD tries to auto correct jorno to moron). :)
  8. Senior people in the MOD (both mil and CS) got and have kept the MOD in financial shitstate for decades.
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  9. Well, quite - and Broon and his lot chose to do (or where incapable of doing) nothing about it.

    When the Tories come in and start slaughtering the cows, everyone jumps straight on the 'Tories are worse than Labour' bandwagon.
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  10. Good question. MOD is viewed in Whitehall as pretty much of a joke over its ability to keep anything private. Whatever happened to trust and integrity in the department?
  11. Badly written, badly presented, and in truth no real 'new' news to those of us (99.9% of ARRSE membership) who take an interest in these things. Yet more scaremongering by, as has already been said, badly genned up journo's. Still, will make Middle England twitch a bit.
  12. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't an "official" leak. It'll shut up all the Regimental supporters early on in the process - "no need to make fuss. It's only support chappies going"
  13. Donny - good question.

    I am getting increasingly hacked off with people who leak stuff intentionally to the media. We recruit, train and expect people to live up to a clear set of moral values and standards. The same people who sit there and happily leak away to their mates on the Telegraph would (hopefully) not think twice of posting classified material to the Bongozwanaian embassy, but they see no moral conflict with leaking material to the press.

    In my book, if you operate with protectively marked material, then an implicit trust is placed on you. I find it deeply saddening that some people will willingly leak planning papers to the media. I'm not naive enough to think it will stop, and equally I am sure that some officially sanctioned leaking goes on (paging Lord West to the canal please, Lord West to the canal), but there is a stench of hypocrisy to those that think that leaking somehow helps their case, when they doubtless get angry about the decline of values and standards in the military.
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