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Bullet Proof Hoodie

Firm develops bullet-proof hoodie
A new bullet-proof hoodie to protect against street violence will go on sale later this month.

The £300 "Defender" hoodie makes the wearer's upper body invincible to 9mm Magnum handgun bullets, according to its maker.

It was developed by London-based company Bladerunner, which also makes stab-proof tops.

Company owner Barry Samms said a mother from Walthamstow, east London, whose son had been mugged three times, was among customers asking for bullet-proof clothing.

"We've had quite a lot of interest from the US and a couple of calls from the UK," he said.

"Our current customers range from undercover police to security workers to concerned parents."

The top is made from a new fibre called Dyneema, which is thinner than the material used to make traditional bullet-proof vests.

Mr Samms denied his firm was targeting teenage gang members with the invention, claiming the hoodie was the best way of disguising its bullet-proof nature.

"It's only a hoodie because you can't really put a zip across the front of something bullet-proof," he said.

The hoodie is currently in the prototype stage, but orders can already be placed with Bladerunner, which has offices in Romford, Essex
There is also a taser proof t-shirt on the market, for the more discerning (and non firearm owning) chav who doesn't fancy the prospect of being made to stand to attention by 50,000 volts the next time he's giving it large with a knife or bat.
But we can still bayonet them, right?
smartascarrots said:
But we can still bayonet them, right?
I wish. Live bayonet practice for squaddies is one of the, many, uses I can think for chavs. Vivisection being another as i hate to see smoking beagles, monkeys, and rabbits with perms.

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