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(with apologies to Captain WE Johns - again) A Squadron Leader Bigglesworth Story.

The Western Desert - 1942.

Squadron Leader James 'Biggles' Bigglesworth stepped down from his dusty Hurricane IID and walked over towards the debriefing tent, wiping his sweating brow with his silk scarf. He entered the relative cool of the tent – ‘Spy’ the Intelligence Officer was there, as was his CO, Wing Commander Wilkinson who looked up as he entered.

"Well I think I got three Panzer IVs and I made a mess of a halftrack. Two trucks destroyed too – but you’ll have to check with Bertie whether that halftrack was a definite. I think we gave them a bloody nose today." announced Biggles.

"Good show Biggles," said Wilks "I’ve got new orders for you here – you are being taken off ‘Ops’, old chap."

"What?" said Biggles, sweat and grime still caked on his face, "Rommel is pressing us harder than ever... whatever can be more important than this?"

Wilkinson tapped his pipe and looked at Biggles squarely. "We need a keen resourceful officer to complete a special mission – on which the balance of the whole war might rest."

Tired as he was, Biggles eyes lit up. "I think you have the right chap sir - tell me more."

"You'll be posted immediately to Cairo –"

"Some cloak and dagger stuff crossing swords with Jerry in the souks?" enquired Biggles.

"No, much more important - we want you to choose sock designs for the summer season of the new RAF clothing collection," said Wilks, puffing on his pipe.

Biggles jaw hung open

The Wing Co. looked serious. "That’s right Bigglesworth - its important we get front line feedback from chaps like you on what is fashionable... The previous Typhoon Trainers, as you well know, are now being used to line AA emplacements, anti-splinter mats on MTBs and the rest as landfill - we don't want that cock-up happening again. God only knows why we were talked into ordered 5 million pairs of them."

"But - we've got Rommel on our doorstep, we're down to our last seven Hurricanes and we’re running low on fuel and ammunition..." protested Biggles, but he was cut off.

"-We've got those covered Biggles - firstly you’ll be receiving new aircraft immediately - the government realises how serious the war effort here is and as a result 266 will be getting four Gloster Gauntlets." Wilks sounded pleased at this outcome.

"Biplanes?" exclaimed Biggles? "You can’t be serious! How are we expected to kill tanks with those - let alone fight 109s?"

"I don't know - you'll figure it out. I would expect you to crash into them, sacrificing yourself - especially if I tell you to," said Wilks cheerily.

Biggles thought fast. "What about those eight P-40s on lend lease from the Yanks – are they still sitting doing nothing in that hanger in Cairo? Give me a day to fly out with a few of my chaps and we can have them bombed up and attacking the forward German divisions in no time!"

Wilks shook his head. "I’m afraid not Bigglesworth – RAE Farnborough has qualified them day VFR flight only – after the cockpit upgrade to install a British spec ashtray went terribly wrong. We can’t use them for combat – too risky."

"Riskier than being overrun by Rommel’s panzers?" snapped Biggles.

"Don’t worry – it’s being worked on – another three or four years and they will be cleared for use."

“And another thing”, said Biggles, "two days ago Algy almost got shot down by a couple of over-aggressive Yanks."

"Well did he identify himself properly? – They are very new in theatre, you know."

"Yes – he fired the colours of the day, but the clots kept on attacking."

"Well I don’t know,” said Wilks angrily. "Why don’t you paint your aircraft with luminous orange panels? – They wouldn’t be able to miss those, surely."

“I wouldn’t count on it…sir” Biggles was suddenly tired and made for the tent flap.

"Before you go there’s some more admin news from the top. Fighter Command, Bomber Command and Coastal Command are all merging to form Air Command - unusual name, eh? While that move will be creating more three star slots at high level, we will be generating a more cohesive trained audience out here in the desert. Impressive, eh?" Wilks beamed at the thought of redoing the squadron's letterheads to incorporate another mission statement.

"Audience?" said Biggles, "This isn't the Windmill Theatre sir!!"

"Now, now Bigglesworth" said Wilks to the pilot, “No need to get all defensive. There will still be plenty of command slots what with the new Merchandising Command being formed."

But Biggles was already striding out - dust was blowing across the desert as the last of the squadron taxied in to dispersal. He entered his tent and was astonished to see a young woman with blonde hair, sitting at a desk with mirrors, and a hairdryer preening herself.

"Aren't you in the wrong tent?" asked Biggles.

"No, sir I've been posted here - do you want to put your stuff in my Samsonite? Your kit looks a bit dusty... that black heavy thing.."

"My service pistol -"

"…nearly fell on my foot" she said accusingly.

"We'll see about this" said Biggles quietly.

"OK - but can you be a sweetie and hold this mirror while I just rub this suntan lotion in - I might as well get a decent tan while I'm here – say - have you got any toe separators so I can do my nails?"

But Biggles had spotted Wilks walking past the lines outside his tent. "One moment," he snarled.

"Wilks - why is there a WRAF in my tent?” he said in a low voice. “And I fully realise that question may be an insult to WRAFs.”

"A WRAF? No, that’s your new wingman, or wingwoman, anyhow.” Wilks grinned, "Don't worry about her - she's a good stick - she's only admitted to pranging five aircraft so far..."

"Five aircraft so far?" asked Biggles, eyes wide, “But there are lots of women flying in the ATA today who have probably got more hours on Spits and Hurris than me - so where on earth did we find her?"

"On a reality radio show - where else? Do keep up with things, Biggles." Wilks said condescendingly. “After the success of Big Soldier and the Navy doing Sailor Idol – the RAF had to do something so we had 'How do you solve a problem like the Luftwaffe?' - and she won..."

"But surely sir the way to beat the Luftwaffe is by killing them and breaking their stuff?" said Biggles, thinking of those panzers in his gunsight earlier today.

"That’s a bit kinetically minded old chap - look you'll just have to lump it – she's very popular with the general public. And I'd keep you sexist anti-wingwoman comments to yourself or you'll get voted off the squadron very early..."

Biggles looked shaken. "Voted off the squadron? By who sir?"

"The general public, of course. We're hosting Celebrity Love Oasis at this airbase from next week - haven't you heard?" said Wilks.

"I’m afraid that news passed me by, sir, what with the Afrika Korps knocking on our door…"

"Well, no matter, just get cracking on the sock designs – and remember Bigglesworth, I expect every pilot in this squadron to make the ultimate sacrifice and crash into the highest priority, ultimate target if the situation demands it…”

"What sir? – do you mean that Adolf himself has been spotted visiting the front line?" asked Biggles hopefully.

"No, you dummy!" exploded the Wing Co, "The Afrika Korps is about to launch its revamped spring women's fashion collection – I want their head stylist taken out – otherwise we’re never going to shift those RAF bikinis I requested! There’s a whole convoy full of ‘em due in from Malta tomorrow!"

"And our desperate fuel and ammo situation sir?"

"I don’t know – for you it’s always the glass is half empty isn’t it Bigglesworth…" said Wilks, walking away…

Biggles wasn't listening as stood watching his CO walk away. He squinted his eyes into the distance. What was happening to his beloved air force? Rommel was on the offensive - the chips were down and the air marshals were interested in sock patterns... Was this any way to fight a war?

More Biggles action next time!

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I've just spent a long time on this equivelant for the navy.

Seaman staines walks in to see his co.

ah, seaman staines, pack your bags, were done.


I did do the following but it's better with just that!!

But, whe are an island nation sir, we need to ensure our access to the sea and be able to get resources around the world.

No, we are just going to talk nicely to people from now on. Pretty please and all that, so off you go theres a good chap.


p.s. did you really not credit the source, tisk, tisk.


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No the Navy one would be:

Admiral Felcher-bottom ordered the entire navy to sea but found that ten of them could no longer fit in the rowing boat as the only person lower than the rank of Admiral (captain smythe- porpington had a broken leg and took up too much space.
The vessel was therefore declared "not fit for the modern navy" and sold to a boating lake franchise at center parcs.
the Royal marine contingent as they no longer had an amphibious capability were disbanded much to their relief as trying to look after britains foreign interests with only twenty bootnecks located in five seperate trouble spots meant that they were a bit thin on the ground anyway. As they finally marched out ending their corps glorious history the entire british army saluted them from their joint base in small bungalow in reading. Sighing heavily the army realised that life would be even tougher now and went to make himself a cup of tea.

this of course was seen as a massive efficiency saving as the Government now didnt spend anything on the Army(apart from the now amalgamated rank of general field marshal captain private which was a bargain at £15000, one person who could plan any operation and sort out the logistics with a simple budget and an easy jet timetable), the navy had no fleet maintenance expenses although there were still 237 admirals, The RAF was now self funding with its clothing range although they only had 2 cessna 150,s.
the mantra "more better faster for less" was now the motto of both surviving regiments which the army took turns in representing at the official functions that he was required to attend
including the annual prayers to the patron saint of the EUK, as Britain was now called, "the sainted Tony" the prime minister who had siglehandedly solved the problem of defending your country by the simple expedient of appearing on the news a lot and explaining soundbites like "more better faster for less" in a voice that implied that you must be thick if you didnt agree.
Later Tony went on to sell invisible clothes to emperors with massive success.

What am I on about?


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Spelling and punctuation kit for above

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