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The latest advert to join the Army hits the streets today in a desperate attempt to close the Manning gap. I can't see anything wrong with it at all....

Seriously, reverse psychology? Really?
A bit like the RM campaign: '99% needn't bother applying'. So I'm sure they didn't.

How will this work with today's feckless youth?
#3 mention of water skiing in the Caribbean, mountaineering in the Alps and unlimited opportunities for sport and drinking?


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I was in the Army during the infamous "Where's Frank?" ad campaign, we blamed Frank for blowing all the AT budget so we never got any*!

* When you see "Frank" in the Caribbean, hill walking in the Cairngorms kind of loses its appeal.
I of course meant to type, I'm interested in the modern recruitment process, any information is on the current system is gratefully received.
They can churn out all the glossy crap they won't close any manning gap until the process behind the advert is made fit for purpose. The slow, clunky, profit maximising cluster really needs to be made a lot slicker.
I'm still waiting to get fitted up for that quad bike from the recent adverts! I was looking forward to standing up on it while riding down the beach! I've been issued a brush to sweep out the LAD though and stacked some scrap up in bins :wink:
So, no fines, but a withholding of PP (performance Payment). That will sting I expect....
My link above says
"In one month alone it had to stump up £750,000 for failing to meet targets, a Daily Mirror investigation has revealed."
Sounds like a fine to me?
Express and Star said:
The company, which took over Army recruitment in a £50 million-a-year contract in 2012, had £750,000 withheld in one month alone, the Daily Mirror reported.
Given the way most contracts are written, it is much more likely to be payment with-held rather than a return of capital.....

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