Latest AATAM version?

Please can someone tell me what the latest version is?

Can someone please confirm if the above is still the latest edition of AATAM?
And, can someone tell me the latest addition of the Herrick insert?
Know of a few guys who went down to Brecon for PCTC (TA) recently. They were given a lump of papers to laminate and carry as a TAM- Apparently there are differences in estimate and orders process?? There is a "Brecon Battle Book" on ArmyNet which details orders etc... Don't know if This is of any reference, but could people confirm that new estimate process/orders are being used a brecon and tell me if I can get a copy (pre lam or on WP paper before going down from the PSI/ or should I grin and bear it?)- Things may have gotten lost in translation I was treating the source of my info to a pint at the time...


Can anyone shed any light on the "new" literature the folks down at PCTC(TA) are being told to take with them into the field instead of/ aswell as thier TAM?


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